Win-Win Strategies

As the heroes take on the challenge of designing Games of Strategy during the second week of their Game Design Quest, they demonstrated wisdom in Socratic discussions about their personal strategies and decisions in various scenarios. When the heroes were discussing what is more important for them as game designers, that their game be fun or be for learning, many heroes chose learning. They believed that it is really important that the games they create help people learn. Although one hero tried to convince them and said, “Games should be fun, otherwise it would not be a game at all!” He insisted that there is a time for games, like during recess, and a time to learn like core skills time. But during play-based learning time, he said he could do both. So he wanted to make sure that the game he will create will be both for fun and learning!

In another scenario, the heroes imagined they were pitching their board game to a major board game company but they could only pitch one of the two games they created – one that is quick-selling and easy to play and another game that teaches peace and may change the world but may not sell easily. The heroes who wanted to pitch their “quick-selling and easy to play” game explained that their game would make more people happy because their game would be less expensive for the “poor people” and easier to play for the “old people.” The heroes who chose the game that teaches peace said it is more important that their game would change the world and even lead people to faith in Jesus. From this discussion, one hero got so excited because she thought of a great idea of creating a game that teaches Bible verses!

The heroes learned valuable tips from a Hero Talk with Dr. Scott Nicholson, Professor and Director of the Game Design and Development program at Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. After Dr. Nicholson shared that when he creates a game he always thinks about what would motivate the game players to play the game, the heroes really focused on how to make their games more fun and helpful for the players. The heroes were also inspired to hear about Dr. Nicholson’s personal experiences: growing up on a farm and creating games for his horses so that the horses would learn to do their work, and working in the library and creating games to help people learn, then becoming a mathematician as he created more strategic games, which lead him to become a professor helping college students in game designing. After the Hero Talk, the heroes were so motivated to apply Dr. Nicholson’s tips and suggestions into their own game designs.

In another Hero Talk, the heroes were fascinated with the life experiences of a Chess Champion, Mr. Bob Savage from West Michigan Chess. As he talked about playing chess with his Dad and brother since he was five years old and winning thousands of chess games and competitions throughout his life, the heroes learned how hard work leads to becoming really good at something they love to do. The heroes also realized that the decisions they make may lead them to victory or defeat and Mr. Bob reminded them of the importance of being a gracious winner or loser.

So as the heroes continued to polish up their games for the Game Expo during their Quest Exhibition, they carried out their plans and strategies to use their games to change the world. Inspired by other game makers who invented games that helped kids learn and have fun, the heroes decided to donate the games they create to the kids in St. John’s Home. They were very motivated to make their games fun to make the kids happy this Christmas.

Week 2

December 3-7, 2018






Bible verse

1 Tim 1:15

Jesus came into the world to save sinners

Imagine living in a palace… how would you feel if you have to move to a cave?

1 Tim 1:18

By recalling them you may fight the battle well…

What strategies have been effective in facing your fears in your Hero’s Journey?

1 Tim 1:19

Hold on to faith and a good conscience

Why do we need to hold on to Faith or a good conscience?

1 Tim 2:1

I urge that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people

Why do you pray? What happens after you pray? How do you know God’s answer to your prayers?

1 Tim 2:2

That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness

Questions about Christmas

Why do we call it christmas?

Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25th?

When was Jesus born?

Why do we have christmas trees?

ES worship


As you design your game, what need will you aim to fill: to learn, to have fun, to develop skills?

As a game designer, how challenging should your game be?

How can you change the world with a game?

If you could pitch a board game idea, would it be a quick-selling easy to play game or a game that teaches peace to change the world but may not sell easily?

Imagine you are playing a new game you have never played before, would read the instructions first or try to figure it out as you play the game?

Imagine your game was nominated for game of the year. Which category would you like to win?

Most aesthetically pleasing

Best storyline

Most beneficial game

Most likely to succeed

Project time

Games of strategy




Guess who

Connect four



Games of strategy  design and creation

Game designer guide

Hero talk

Dr. Scott Nicholson –

Professor of Game Design

How did Dr. Nicholson help you as a game designer?

Game revisions

Hero talk

Bob savage –

Chess champion

How does playing chess help you learn?

Painting game boards

Game design crash course







Which is more challenging to you: coming up with an idea for a game or figuring out how to make the game better?

Do you feel more nervous or excited to design a game to share with the public?

How did you learn from your failure today?

Was the process of writing instructions for your game more challenging than you expected or less challenging?

What was the most helpful piece of feedback you gave or received today?

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