MHS Newsletter Issue 6 Dec 3 – 7, 2018

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Issue No. 6                                                Dec. 3 – Dec. 7, 2018

On Thursday, a legendary chess player from Michigan, Bob Savage, came in for a  hero talk. After the hero talk, a few heroes even got to play against him! Many heroes enjoyed him so much, that they said he was the best hero talk they’ve ever had!

This week, the Elementary heroes got a hero talk from Emma D. and Brinley about the new system to use for their library! They have been working extremely hard on getting all the books scanned into the iPad and putting stickers on the spines. The heroes are very excited to begin checking out their books just like a real library!

On Wednesday, MHS had a lot of fun during Art. They made some models out of clay. Each hero made different things, ranging from snow globes to animals, to aliens, to snowmen. The MHS heroes now have a display board in the workroom to display their beautiful masterpieces.

After school on Thursday, many heroes stayed for date night! The heroes got to watch the quote along movie Elf! They even had a burping contest, spaghetti eating contest, and when it was the snowball scene, heroes got to have a balloon fight! Mr. Matt and Ms. Dana even dressed up as Buddy the Elf and his girlfriend, Jovi.

Thanks to Molly, Boxed Water was also kind enough to donate a case of Boxed Water to the MHS studio. They also added a few free t-shirts and stickers!

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