You Voted!

This past Thursday, the heroes took their jobs seriously as they transformed Journey into a polling site for the Election Exhibition. Your voice was heard. After tallying 81 ballots, Squad Leaders are in place for the upcoming quest and proposals have been (or will soon be) implemented. You voted and Sadie was elected as the Squad Leader. She appointed two other heroes who were all sworn into their role. Proposal 1, Chairs at the Launch Pad, and Proposal 2, Mini Brain Breaks during Core Skills, passed. There was some disappointment from many heroes that Proposal 3, Gum at the Launch Pad, did not pass.

Voters checking in at the poll.

Making your voice count.

Heroes sharing what they learned about governments around the world, the U.S. Government, and History of Voting Rights.

This quest was full of many hero talks, which provided rich wisdom to us all at Journey. This past week, Ada’s County Clerk shared her role in preparing for the November 6 election, as well as the responsibility she has following the election. We also had Mr. DeVos visit and share his experiences in life, business and politics. He spoke great wisdom to the Squad Leader Candidates to not hold things too tightly in life, and to remember God’s plan is greater than our own plan. Great words of wisdom!

Hero Talks from our last week of the quest. Thank you, Jackie Smith and Mr. DeVos, for sharing your journey and calling in life.

What an incredible honor it was to watch the ES heroes display such courage and perseverance throughout the Government / Election Quest. During Friday’s 360 Reviews, here were some of the reflections they wrote:

  • I never really knew or cared much about government. Now I know a lot more about our government and other governments around the world.
  • Living under a dictator is terrible.
  • A democracy is the best!
  • Serving in the government is really hard.
  • I was surprised about what I was capable of doing.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What was the most challenging and rewarding part of this quest?
  2. What the Bible Verse was for this quest?
  3. What they sat on at the Launch Pad on Friday?
  4. What they are thankful for?
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