Your Voice and Your Vote Matter

On  Monday, the ES girl heroes discovered they no longer had the right to vote. That was not easy to take that right away. During Project Time, the girls researched the women who were influential in the women’s rights movement. The girls also created a speech to share at a rally that the ELS heroes were invited to attend. At the beginning of the speech, they shared 6 reasons as to why their voice matters and why they deserve a right to vote. Here were those reasons:

  1. We are equal to boys.
  2. Only four people get to vote since there are four boys and seven girls.
  3. If boys have a voice, then we should too.
  4. Boys might need some help some days.
  5. We want to vote too.
  6. We are all created in God’s image.

The boys held a vote following Tuesday’s rally and it was unanimous. Effective by Thursday afternoon, the ES girl heroes were given the right to vote in the studio. There was much rejoicing!

Girl heroes practicing the “Right to Vote” speech.

Girl heroes giving their “Right to Vote” speech at the rally.

This quest has created much excitement with the election just days away. During one discussion, the heroes watched two commercials on Proposal 2, one opposing it and one approving it. They took time rewatching it to dissect the language, the tone, the music, the colors, and the feel it gives you. One hero made a connection to the previous quest (Entrepreneurship) saying, “Just like stores or restaurants try to mislead or deceive you about a product, it looks like campaign ads can try to do the same thing.”

Here are more of this week’s highlights:

  • Heroes researching Proposal 2 and 3 for the November 6th Election.
  • Squad Leader Candidates attempting to get their name on Journey Academy’s Exhibition Election Ballot. Candidates must:
  • Get 80 signatures.
  • Write a Winning and Concession Speech by November 7 that they will read after the polls close at the Exhibition on Thursday, November 15.
  • Squad Groups working on creating a Proposal to get onto Journey Academy’s Exhibition Ballot. They must:
  • Complete their Final Draft.
  • Get 60 signatures.
  • Heroes realizing the time it takes to be an educated voter.
  • Heroes making observations while watching part of the second debate between Bill Schuette and Gretchen Whitmer.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. Who our special visitor was Friday afternoon?
  2. What their Squad Group Proposal is about?
  3. Who is running as a Squad Leader Candidate, which will take effect during Quest 3?
  4. When did women in America get the right to vote?
  5. What the difference between a bill and a proposal is?

Boy heroes researching about voting rights in the United States.

An MHS Hero is planning a talent show during the next quest. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Art in the Elementary Studio this week. The medium included poster board, masking tape, and paint.

The art challenge for the rest of the quest is having multi-aged hero groups create a Giving Tuesday video. Keep your eyes peeled!

Fun during ELS Buddy time.

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