Passing Laws with Flying Colors

The Legislative branch of the United Children’s Country accomplished much during the  third week of the Government Quest. After the heroes voted for their senators and representatives, they got to work right away, the senators convened in the Senate floor (math studio) and the representatives in the House floor (library.) The Head of the Senate and the Speaker of the House led each committee and wrote down bills they would like to pass in Congress. Some heroes were very eager to assemble and talk about ways to improve their studio by introducing bills to make into laws, that they could not wait for project time in the afternoon to introduce their bills so they have been doing it throughout the day.

Bills that passed the house, the senate, then signed by the president became laws:

Do not make bad choices.

Do not blow bubblegum in a meeting.

Do not play with toys in a meeting.

Never get distracted in a meeting.

Never push someone off their pillow.

Do not punch people in their faces.

Do not yell.

Do not spit in a meeting.

Do not steal.

Do not poke people with pencils in the eye.

Do not hit people in their private parts.

Do not wreck people’s creations.

Do not throw books.

No scribbling on the whiteboard.

No kissing at school.

No potty talk.

Put away toys.

Take your shoes off if they are muddy.

When you are inside, always use inside voices.

If you see people that are hurt, hug them or be kind to them.

(The “hug” was debated on the House floor).

The Elementary heroes asked the Early Learners to sign their petitions to become squad leaders. The heroes from both studios also watched a debate between the candidates for the governor of Michigan together and learned about who would be a better governor for Michigan.

The heroes have also been resolving problems and issues that come up throughout the week during their Town Hall Meetings. Some of the concerns were regarding taking turns using the vacuum, locking the bathroom door when in use, putting away books in the library. Many heroes proposed ideas and suggestions that emphasizes the importance of each meeting and the need for everyone to be respectful. The Legislative branch was also very proud to share the laws they passed with our special guest for the Hero Talk. Ask your hero who our special guest hero was and what they shared with her!

Week 3: October 29 – November 2, 2018






Bible verse

2 Thessalonians 2:14

He called you to this…that you may share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why has God called you to …?

2 Thessalonians 2:15

Stand firm and hold fast to the teachings

How can we stand firm to what God is teaching us?

2 Thessalonians 2:16

By His grace God gave us eternal encouragement and good hope

Think of a time God has encouraged you. Who has encouraged you? How have you encouraged others?

2 Thessalonians 2:17

May God encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

How do you find strength in making hard choices? What is more important to you, courage or strength?

2 Thessalonians 3:1

Pray that the message of the Lord spread rapidly and be honored

How can we tell others about Jesus?

Writer’s workshop

Author’s chair

Paragraph writing

Typing club 20 min

Writing journal

Spelling city  

Google docs

Whole group writing

Book writing

Book review

Letter writing

Printing book


Getting to know your rights and freedom

What laws and freedoms do you feel all people should have? Why?

Freedom of religion

Do you think the Hats Off Law was fair? What was the purpose of the law? Did the law work?

The importance of peaceful protest

Do you think it was fair for the Mayor to stop the protest parade?

Unreasonable searches

Do you think it was fair for the Mayor to search everyone to look for his missing necklace?

Stars or Safety

Do you think the Lights Off After Dark Law was fair? What was the purpose of the law? Did the law work?

Is equality always fair?

Do you think it is ever fair to treat people different because of their differences?

Read aloud

State Capitol

Meet the Senate

Meet the House of Representatives

How is a law passed?

State government

Government in your city or town

Working at city hall

Project time

Take a Virtual Tour of Capitol Hill

Make a Capitol Dome

Nominate and vote for senators and representatives

How a bill becomes a law

Introduce bills

Debate and vote

Pass bills

President sign bills to become laws


Being a good citizen

What would you do when your mom asks you to do your chores but you would really like to play instead?

How would you convince others to recycle?

What do you do when you see trash on your street?

What ways can you help people in your neighborhood?

How would you make your community better for everyone?

Hero talk

Upcoming events


Portfolio reviews


Portfolio reviews


Portfolio reviews

The heroes were so excited to wear their costumes to school that they made a book to remember the day. Each hero authored a page in the book, constructing their own sentences including extending their sentences with adjectives and details. They would love to share their book with you, which they entitled, Journey Academy Costume Party, by The Early Learners.

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