MHS Newsletter Issue #3 Oct 29-Nov 1

The mhs press

 Issue No. 3                                                                Oct 29 – Nov 26, 2018

The heroes have been working hard on honing in on their debates. As the heroes have been collecting vast amounts of information about their topics, they have been challenged to write persuasive essays.

Election day is coming this Tuesday, November 6! The heroes have researched deeply into each candidate. They have conversed on the pros and cons of each candidate and stated their reasons behind who they chose to vote in their sample ballots. They have worked extremely hard on becoming informed voters.

The heroes have also been researching more about the branches of the government. On Monday and Tuesday they worked hard on making their boards about each branch. And they learned so much more from the hero talk so ask your hero about what they learned.

An update on math includes heroes starting geometry. Some heroes are halfway done with Algebra and have been trying out Geometry. Their math streak has been still going hard. Sally Khan is still mentoring young heroes and helping them strive to meet their goals.

In celebration of thanksgiving, Molly has lead a service project that helps the less fortunate. Molly has directed the Elementary, Middle, and High School to bring in donations to give to the homeless downtown. The heroes have been working hard to pack bags, count materials, and bring in donations.

This week, the heroes’ huts have not been renovated but instead they were expanded. Ceilings have been raised and Sally Khan’s math hall has expanded to twice its size!

Lunchtime has been fun with various activities with board games the heroes play in the town hall. They have been playing Cash Flow, often with much intensity, for quite a bit of time now. Cash flow is a board game that includes lots of business skills and financial problems. It’s like a more realistic business board game than Monopoly. The heroes were taught this game by Ms.Dana during the business  quest and they have played it every lunch until Ms.Dana showed them another game called Catchphrase. Catchphrase is like charades and you have to guess what your teammate is trying to explain. Once Ms.Dana showed them the game they were immediately hooked on playing the game.

Brinley and Emma D have been working hard on creating a new library system in the Elementary studio and MHS studio. They created sections and genres for the books which include Fiction, Biographies, Historical, Faith, Deep Books, and even a Librarian Recommendation section that was made personally by the MHS heroes.

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