Game Making, Probability and Creativity

What a fun-filled, first week back it has been! The heroes kicked off the Game Maker Quest, explored games and welcomed their dad at Donuts with Dads. On Monday, the heroes stepped into the shoes of being a game maker. Through hands-on games (new and old), solving pre-algebra equations and having discussions, the heroes have deepened their understanding of probability and pushed one another to think creatively as a Game Maker.

On Wednesday, the dads visited the studio and took part in the launch. It was evident both the dads and the heroes all prefer to win rather than lose. It will be interesting to see if these heroes will develop a video game that their dad can or cannot conquer. The dads also watched their hero set academic goals for the day using Journey Tracker.

Check out the heroes setting daily goals during Donuts with Dads.

Not only will the hero’s design a video game, they also get to create an offline game on their own or with a partner(s). The Elementary Studio has new games in the making that will be revealed at the Game Expo Exhibition on Thursday, December 13. In Writer’s Workshop, they are using a Game Maker Guide to help them brainstorm the:

  1. purpose of their game.
  2. age range.
  3. number of players.
  4. skills required.
  5. game supplies needed.
  6. theme and/or storyline.
  7. rules of the game.
  8. goal of the game.

Civilization this quest is full of excitement. Each hero is researching a country’s Christmas traditions and presenting that information using a slideshow. On the last civilization block of this quest, they are going to share what they have discovered. They will earn the first-ever Civilization Badge in ES if they met all the requirements!

Have you asked your hero:

  1. How the “smoke” and “fire” game was?
  2. What the Bible Verse is for this quest?
  3. Who their Secret Santa hero is?
  4. What games they have played in the PLAY Lab?
  5. What the most challenging and rewarding part of the quest was so far?
  6. What country they are researching about Christmas traditions?
  7. Who their ELS Buddy is, and what did they do together?
  8. How they open in prayer on Fridays?

ELS Buddies – Game Making Together

Let the Games Begin!

Game designers in the Early Learners Studio went right to work designing games for their Game Design Quest. Each week of the session, they will focus on games of chance, games of strategy, and games of skill. During their socratic discussions,  regardless of the type of game they play, many heroes shared that making friends happy was more important than winning. One hero said she would even give her prize to her opponents to make them happy.

The heroes were introduced to probability during this week’s focus on games of chance.  When asked about making decisions based on intuition or math, many heroes expressed how they make their best guess based on how they feel when playing a game of chance. They were convinced that it is all luck when you play games of chance. But after exploring probability through games like pick a cup, pick a color, and roll the dice, most heroes were convinced that they can make better decisions by calculating the probability.

ES and MHS Buddies helped the heroes create their games and improve their game designs by adding more challenges to the games.

Game Design Quest

Week 1

Games of Chance

exploring probability

Probability and irrational decisions

What is probability?

What is fair?

Casino day

Week 2

Games of Strategy

What is a game

Filling a need with a game or a toy

Board game design

Writing game instructions

Escape room

Week 3

Games of skill

Game pitches

Video game design

Callings in video games

Messaging in games

Turning dreams into reality

The heroes will present the games they have created during the Game Design Quest Exhibition. They will introduce and demonstrate their games for family and friends to play. After the Game Expo, the heroes would like to make their Christmas celebration even more special with a  Christmas Variety Show, where they will sing and dance to their favorite Christmas Carols. The heroes decided who they would like to sing or dance with, then they chose the Christmas songs they liked, and added their own choreography to their performances. They have also been thinking about their costumes and props for the show, all of which are decided by the heroes themselves, so these are all optional. The heroes are so excited to have this special Christmas celebration with their families during the Game Expo and Christmas Variety Show.

The heroes had lots of fun during PE with Mr. Matt. They enjoyed playing new games, learning to work as a team, and getting their heart rates up!

For Writer’s Workshop, many heroes started writing Christmas lists. But instead of a list of what they would like for Christmas, they made a list of what their family and friends would like for Christmas. Although, one hero was worried when she realized that she did not have enough money to buy everything on her list so she decided that she would just give out hugs for Christmas instead!

Game design quest 2018

Week 1: November 26-30, 2018



Donuts with Dad




1 Tim 1:2

Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord

Which one do you need most: Grace, Mercy, or peace, as you start your Quest?

What are your goals for the week? Session?

1 Tim 1:3-5

The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

Which one does Dad have: a Pure heart, good conscience, sincere faith? How can you tell?

1 Tim 1:12

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he has considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.

What did God call you to do to serve Him? How can you tell that it is not just something you want to do?

1 Tim 1:14

The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

In what ways does God pour grace, faith, and love on you?


Which type of game would you design: a game of chance, strategy, or skill? Why?

Do you dislike losing more than you like winning? Or do you like winning more than you dislike losing? Has this affected your decision-making a little, a lot, or not at all? If so, how? Can you think of examples?

Do you make decisions based on intuition or math?  

Would you play a game if your opponent is bigger and better than you? Would it be a fair game?

Project time

exploring probability

Paper plate challenge

Roll a dice challenge

Probability and irrational decisions

Pick a cup challenge

Pick a color challenge

What is probability?

Exploring probability

Rock, paper, scissors

What is fair?

Card games:

war, speed, black jack


What did you learn that might help you as a game designer?

Do you think it would be fair or unfair to settle disputes with rock, paper, scissors?

How could you improve your game?

Which is more important,: that a game is fun or good for your brain? Why?

Ambiguity as Teacher – Part 2: A Story with an Ending We Need to Hear

Written by Laura Sandefer and originally posted November 28, 2018

Sharing stories from the global network of Acton Academy may be the most powerful thing I can do to support parents on this journey. There is healing for us all in the stories we share.

Here is one for you to remember on those gut wrenching days when your child faces ambiguity, failure, and emotional distress. The story is shared by Shannon Baldwin, owner/head of school at Acton Academy Albuquerque:

This Session, our middle school studio went through the Personal Finance Quest and Genre. We have only one girl in this studio and she found it extremely challenging. She is a high anxiety, perfectionist personality, and had no background knowledge about finance at all (which her studio mates did) and so felt behind out of the gate.

More than once, she was in tears and ready to give up, but continued to push ahead. She was not able to finish the quest in time to have a presentation for the Exhibition which pushed her into all out panic mode.

Her studio mates (and I during some private mentoring time) encouraged her to take the step of presenting the story of her struggle and failure as a gift to her Studio, the parents, and herself.

With much trepidation, she did, and has granted permission to share that presentation with you as an encouragement to any Eagles who may face a similar struggle.

During the Session reflection time, it became clear that taking this step was a HUGE deal in her Hero’s Journey – the visceral realization that honest failure is a part of the journey, that the world will not crumble when it happens, and that you will still be accepted for who you are.

These are the moments.

How very brave and loving! This story is profound in its message about what is necessary for humans to become whole: the ritual of returning, the ceremonial welcoming back of a hero from a traumatic experience.

One of our Acton’s parents, Erin Martin, serendipitously emailed me this week saying: An interesting article that once again shows how the Hero’s Journey, and communal myths, rituals (and I would argue, guardrails) work to fight the ‘spiritual void’. The description of helping vets re-frame and overcome PTSD is eerily similar to helping our Eagles overcome their fears that they aren’t good enough to recover from failure.

What we are doing together is far beyond “education” or “school.” This is a moral and spiritual path of healing. Without ambiguity, we’d not have the opportunity to kick back enough of the darkness – our fears, our perfectionism, our need to control – to see the light within.

Thank you Erin and Shannon for sharing.

Ambiguity as Teacher: Part 1 of 2

Written by Laura Sandefer and originally posted November 27, 2018

My boys were five and six years old when a friend asked me what my favorite day of the week was. I answered, “Monday.” She was surprised it wasn’t Saturday like most other people. My take on Mondays was simply that they brought back the orderly schedule and predictability of a work week.

There is certainty in a Monday.

Yet when we built Acton Academy as the ideal learning place for our young children, we infused it with uncertainty.

I wanted for my children what I didn’t experience myself, hence my built-in desire for structure and control. I didn’t know the road to discovering my potential was the Hero’s Journey as I sat straight up in desks and made the adult authorities around me very proud with my right answers and good behavior.

I want more for my children. I want them to navigate the inevitable uncertainty in their world with confidence, skill, bravery and joy.

We had to use ambiguity as a teacher and tool at Acton because ambiguity increases complexity, and makes decision-making more difficult.

And since our daily decisions create our habits which forge our character which leads us to our calling and destiny, we wanted a teacher who would faithfully drive this path forward. Welcome Ambiguity, the annoying driver of tough decisions.

The Acton method is a simple one – though not an easy one. We provide complex challenges along with the tools and processes for Eagles to use to learn to think critically, find solutions and solve problems. Through this experience of practicing daily – over years – how to make good decisions, they learn how to learn while developing strong character.

What we see through this battle with ambiguity is young people who become strong intellectually and emotionally even willing to suffer as they rise from failure in order to grow.

We parents can use some of these tools, too, to be better equipped to maneuver through our children’s learning journeys.

The top three Acton tools for parents to use alongside their children are:

Journey Tracker
Badge Plans
Family Meetings
Don’t know how to use them? Ask your Eagle to sit with you and walk you through their Journey Tracker each week or twice a month. Same with their badge plan. Find out what they are learning and doing. Be deeply curious about their struggles and their successes. You can figure out the family meeting tool by reading Patrick Lencioni’s “The Three Big Questions For a Frantic Family” if you haven’t already done so.

The more you understand the scope of work each Eagle faces daily, the better able you are to encourage, support and at times create consequences at home to spark a fire in the studio. But more importantly, the better able you are to listen to your child and sit in awe of the mysterious and miraculous human unfolding before you.

And I still like Mondays. But it’s not the orderliness of them. It’s simply that I trust the uncertainty that lies before us. I’m willing to be surprised.

[Part 2 of this post coming tomorrow: A real example of how Eagles learn to make decisions]

You Voted!

This past Thursday, the heroes took their jobs seriously as they transformed Journey into a polling site for the Election Exhibition. Your voice was heard. After tallying 81 ballots, Squad Leaders are in place for the upcoming quest and proposals have been (or will soon be) implemented. You voted and Sadie was elected as the Squad Leader. She appointed two other heroes who were all sworn into their role. Proposal 1, Chairs at the Launch Pad, and Proposal 2, Mini Brain Breaks during Core Skills, passed. There was some disappointment from many heroes that Proposal 3, Gum at the Launch Pad, did not pass.

Voters checking in at the poll.

Making your voice count.

Heroes sharing what they learned about governments around the world, the U.S. Government, and History of Voting Rights.

This quest was full of many hero talks, which provided rich wisdom to us all at Journey. This past week, Ada’s County Clerk shared her role in preparing for the November 6 election, as well as the responsibility she has following the election. We also had Mr. DeVos visit and share his experiences in life, business and politics. He spoke great wisdom to the Squad Leader Candidates to not hold things too tightly in life, and to remember God’s plan is greater than our own plan. Great words of wisdom!

Hero Talks from our last week of the quest. Thank you, Jackie Smith and Mr. DeVos, for sharing your journey and calling in life.

What an incredible honor it was to watch the ES heroes display such courage and perseverance throughout the Government / Election Quest. During Friday’s 360 Reviews, here were some of the reflections they wrote:

  • I never really knew or cared much about government. Now I know a lot more about our government and other governments around the world.
  • Living under a dictator is terrible.
  • A democracy is the best!
  • Serving in the government is really hard.
  • I was surprised about what I was capable of doing.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What was the most challenging and rewarding part of this quest?
  2. What the Bible Verse was for this quest?
  3. What they sat on at the Launch Pad on Friday?
  4. What they are thankful for?

MHS Newsletter Issue #5 Nov 12-16

The mhs press

Issue No. 5                                                                Nov 2 – Nov 16, 2018

Another quest is finished! The MHS heroes are so thankful to have everybody come to their exhibition on Thursday! They were able to demonstrate all their hard work during the Government quest, as well as doing some debates!

This week the heroes have been working extremely hard on finishing their research and preparations for their debates and wrapping up the session. Each hero has worked hard to meet their session goals.

A new game is in town! A couple of weeks ago, the MHS heroes started playing Catchphrase. But now they have branched out to Apples to Apples. The heroes connected with one another as they learned their personal views on certain topics. Then as secrets about heroes were the game, the heroes had a lot of practice debating. For example, one topic was “buff”. You had to put down one of your cards that is buff. Emma D. put down Nigerian Prince. Brinley put down Fire Tornado while Emma S. was the judge. Emma S was puzzled on which card to choose, Emma D and Brinley started to state their cases. They each started to go on this whole spiel that was so hilarious. It was great debate practice. What do you think is more buff? A Nigerian prince or fire tornado?

On Friday the heroes also got to drop off their donations at Mel Trotters and Degage Ministries!  For the past few weeks, the heroes have been collecting and organizing care packages filled with scarves, socks, gloves, and snacks to give away to the homeless. When they donated the bags to Mel trotters, the heroes also got to have the opportunity to tour the building. It was a really eye-opening experience for the heroes. The heroes wanted to do good in the community and Molly came up with the great idea to donate to the homeless in honor of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great week off everybody!

Heroes Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Throughout the Government Quest, the ELS heroes inspired each other to become leaders. When they were campaigning for government positions, they focused on their actions and plans to help the citizens. Each candidate demonstrated high standards they set for themselves without the need to put down their opponents. They did not just talk about problems, they thought about solutions to the problems and made laws to solve the problems. Collaboration enabled the heroes to empower one another creating more leaders rather than followers.

During their Socratic discussions, the heroes reflected on different ways to lead with empathy.  They helped one another understand how their actions affect others. They shared about times they may have felt strong emotions like anger or frustration and the strategies that helped them control their emotions.They also learned the importance of “putting yourself in someone’s shoes” to help others when they have strong emotions.

As the heroes planned their Quest Exhibition,  they talked about  their ideas on how to share with their families all that they have learned throughout their United States Government Quest. They wanted to represent each branch of the government so they tried to figure out how many heroes could be in each branch. Some heroes had to convince the others that they really wanted to be a representative even when there were more representatives than the other branches. The representatives insisted that they really wanted to make laws. So the others agreed that it was okay to have more representatives than the other branches. The heroes also wanted to have name tags so that people would know their government position. Several heroes looked through books to figure out what they should wear for the exhibition. The Executive branch also wanted to set up their table just like the Cabinet Room at the Gerald R. Ford Museum and the pictures from books they read, with tea cup settings and placemats. Many of the heroes suggested more and more ideas to their Exhibition presentations to make it the best they could. As a result, their families were so blessed to see them take on the roles of government officials during the exhibition and apply what they have learned to their learning environment through their leadership responsibilities.

The UCC government was very thankful to parents and ES Buddies who introduced bills to the legislative branch that became laws. The UCC citizens enjoyed their Fun Friday wearing their PJs to the Ice Cream Party!

After the Exhibition the heroes reflected on the entire Government Quest. They completed a Quest Survey and gave five stars to the Socratic discussions, project time activities, field trip, hero talk, and the exhibition. The heroes also reflected on how they learned about things that they were curious about before the quest. Most of them glowed with pride as they recounted all they have learned throughout the quest. They truly believed that each of them had a leadership role to play in their studio and have the power to help the citizens of UCC by creating the best learning environment for everyone.

Week 5: November 12-16, 2018






Bible verse


2 Thessalonians 3:8

We worked night and day

Never give up

Think of time you never gave up. How did you face your fears?

2 Thessalonians 3:9

…to offer ourselves as a model for you to imitate.

Who would you like to imitate?

2 Thessalonians 3:13

Never tire of doing what is good

Think of time you felt tired of doing good. What helped you persevere and have grit?

Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier

2 Thessalonians 3:15

Do not regard them as an enemy, but warn them as you would a fellow believer

Would you tell an adult when others make sad choices or help them  make better choices yourself?

2 Thessalonians 3:16

May the Lord of peace give you peace at all time and in every way

What gives you peace?

Still by Hillsong


Leading with Empathy

Class Dojo

How does your actions affect how others feel?

Share about a time you had strong emotions and got trapped in “The Maze?”

How will you control your emotions and escape “The Maze?”

Think of a time you put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Why is empathy important?

Project time

Government officials


Government branch signs for exhibition

Inside the White House

Exhibition preparations

UCC flags

Exhibition for ES Buddies

Government Quest Reflection

Quest Survey

Hero Feedback

Vote for squad leaders for next session

Quest planning for next session


Becoming good citizens

Do good citizens always walk away from conflict?

Town hall meeting


Storybots ROE

How did you set a good example for others? How can you set a good example  when someone is unkind to you?

How do you glorify God with all  your work?

How will you apply what you have learned to your life?

Hero bucks for ice cream party

PJ Fun Friday

Character call out for Simon

How do we show respect when we are at a birthday party? What are your strategies to have self-control when you get really excited?


Written by Laura Sandefer and originally posted November 14, 2018

Imagine this:

A group of teenagers walking into school early to hang out together. Hear the noise arising from the group: it’s loud. So much talking and laughing. Quite the opposite of the grating silence of humans staring at their phones. Now, picture the clock on the wall. It says “8:29” in red lights. As the teenagers glance up at it, they move together toward a circle of black chairs on the other side of the room. At the strike of 8:30, all are seated and the noise drizzles into a stream of quiet. One teenager takes the lead and asks everyone to write down what they are grateful for on the slips of paper he put out on their chairs. He then asks them to share their personal list. There is no adult giving instructions or even sitting in the circle. These teenagers are alone in their own world. Creating their own place and space – choosing to center themselves in gratitude before their day of intense work.

An impossible vision of what school can be?

Not at all.

This is what I just witnessed in our Launchpad less than an hour ago. They didn’t know I was watching. I was a distant fly on the wall replying to emails.

As we move into the week when it’s popular and expected to focus on being grateful, our Eagles are living it out every week – without a dressed turkey to trigger an emotion.

This is authentic centeredness and it is at the core of the Acton Launchpad experience.

I am moved to be more like these Eagles. Center first. Then get to work. And don’t forget the laughter.

A Government Of the Heroes, By the Heroes, For the Heroes

Throughout the first week of the US Government Quest, the Early Learners have been discussing and debating the best way to govern themselves in their studio by studying different governments around the world. Monarchy seemed to them a wonderful option at first, since they all loved the idea of being a king and a queen, as they made their crowns and castles. But as they learned more about what a Monarchy truly entailed, with only one king and one queen, and of which could only be the heir of the existing king, they realized their chances to be royalty was slim to none. Thus there was quite a mayhem that aroused amongst the ladies of the court as to who was to marry Prince Simon. So they decided that Monarchy may not be the best way to govern themselves.

Another form of government they learned about was a Dictatorship, which no one even considered once they found out what a dictator does. No one was even interested to play the role of a dictator despite the promise of absolute power over all  the other heroes. They were all simply appalled at the idea that a dictator would not let people worship God and to force them to worship him instead. Many heroes boldly declared that they would try to stop a dictator from being so mean, even at the expense of losing their freedom. When they were reading a book about Dictatorship, they lingered on a page showing prisoners in jail who protested against the tyranny of a dictator. The heroes insisted that although they would not want to go to jail, they would not fear imprisonment for the freedom of the people.

Oligarchy brought even more turmoil amongst the heroes, when the six and seven year old heroes were declared the oligarchs since they are the big and powerful. And although the citizens had the chance to overpower the oligarchs through a game of tug-of-war, the four and five year olds were defeated and forced to obey the wishes of the oligarchs. But most of the citizens never gave up and continued to challenge the oligarchs for another tug-of-war match over and over again. The oligarchs were gracious enough to oblige and they promised to be good leaders despite their power over the other heroes.

Finally the heroes learned about Democracy and decided that this is the form of government they wanted, since they all wanted to have the right to vote.  And since they can vote, the heroes voted that their micronation be called The United Children’s Country (UCC). Even before learning about the Declaration of Independence, the heroes chose a Democracy for the same reasons that our Founding Fathers did – the heroes wanted everyone to get a chance to be a leader, to  be able to share their ideas and vote on them, and to be able to pray to Jesus and read their Bibles whenever they wanted to. Many heroes persuaded others that they can all work together for their government to function to serve the needs of everyone.

US Government quest

Week 1: October 15-19, 2018







BIble verse of the day

2 Thessalonians 1:2

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

What would you pray for all the heroes to have more grace or peace? Why do we need grace or peace?

2 Thessalonians 1:3

We always thank God for you because your faith is growing more and more, and the love you have for one another is increasing.

How have you seen others’ love for others grow?

2 Thessalonians 1:4

…you perseverance and faith in all the persecutions and trials you are enduring.

What ways have you persevered to reach your goals?

2 Thessalonians 1:5

You will be counted worthy of the kingdom of God.

Are you worthy of the kingdom of God because of your faith or your works?

How will you shine your light all around the Children’s hospital?

Core skills work reflections  

Whom did you ask questions or ask for help?

How did you review your work for possible errors?

How did you consider best practices for similar work?

Which work would you  proudly show to a large group?

Which work would you like to continue to improve?


What is a nation?

What is a government?

Why do some governments rise and others fall?

What is a Monarchy?  

What is a Dictatorship?

What is an Oligarchy?

What is a Democracy?

Project time

Forms of Government

Creating a Micronation

Dramatic play:


Dramatic play:


Dramatic play:


Dramatic play:



“What did you disagree with today?”

 “What did you fail at today?”

 “How did you solve a problem today?”

“How did you figure out the answer to your question on your own with 3B4G?”

“What did you have to do to reach your goals ?”

Town hall meeting agenda

Math work mats, materials

Silent vs collaborative

                   core skills

Library maintenance

Hero bucks

A special government official visited the heroes this week to share show them how our United States Government serves its citizens. The heroes were honored to meet two patrol horses, Dewey and Jessie, who helps Annabelle’s Dad, Mr. Dan, keep people safe and get to places where cars cannot.

Defenders of Justice

This week, the heroes experienced what it would be like to work in the Judicial Branch of the United States Government as Supreme Court Justices, judges, lawyers, and members of the jury. Learning from the Bible story, The Wise Judgment of Solomon, the heroes resolved to always pray for wisdom first before making decisions. Heroes who wanted to become judges made promises to their voters that they would be good and fair judges by praying first.

They were able to resolve many issues regarding laws passed from legislation last week that were broken throughout this week through the judicial system. They believed that justice would be served as they brought their concerns to the court. Many times, they also realized that the defendants immediately admitted their guilt so  they did not really need to bring their case in a court of law since they were able to use conflict resolution to solve their problems.

As heroes start each day with each one taking a turn to pray, most of the time praying for others and not themselves, they impart so much wisdom during their socratic discussions. In one discussion, they imagined they were on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and had the choice to to stay in the safety of the boat with all the provisions they needed or to get out of the boat to swim to shore and find help. Many heroes chose to stay in the boat to stay safe from the sharks. But when they were told that Jesus was calling out to them to get out of the boat to walk on water with him, they all said without any hesitation that they would walk on water with Jesus, despite the waves and the creatures that may lurk in the deep. One hero recognized that Jesus calling them to get out of the boat is their “Call to Action” in their Hero’s Journey, so they instantly “Accept the Challenge” to walk on water, “Face their Fears,” because they believed that they would “Collect their Treasure” as they have the amazing experience of walking on water with Jesus! They ended their discussion with a promise to stay in their challenge zones as they do their work, because they didn’t  want to stay in their comfort zones, which is just like staying inside the boat.

The Hero-led Portfolio Reviews empowered each Early Learner to demonstrate how they own their learning at Journey Academy. The  heroes proved that they were more than capable of leading Parent-Hero Conferences. They shared their goals, their progress towards their goals, and their plans to achieve their goals with their parents. Each hero confidently led the meetings and were entrusted to reflect on their own learning, their accomplishments and challenges, and strategies to face overcome their struggles, together with their families. Parents expressed their admiration and awe as they witnessed their heroes so determined to reach their goals.

Week 4: November 5-9, 2018






Bible verse

2 Thessalonians 3:3

The Lord is faithful , and he will strengthen you protect you

Would you stay in the safety of a lifeboat or get out of the boat to get help?

Mt 14:22-33

2 Thessalonians 3:4

We have confidence in the Lord

What is the difference between confidence and arrogance?

2 Thessalonians 3:5

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance

Why do we need Christ’s perseverance?

2 Thessalonians 3:6

Keep away from every believer who is idle and disruptive

How would you help a friend who seems distracted during silent core skills time?

2 Thessalonians 3:7

You  know how you ought to follow our example

Whose example do you follow to help you make good choices?


Judicial Branch

Why does our government need the judicial branch?

Why is it important for the judge to be fair?

How can you tell that a judge is fair?

How does the judicial branch affect your life today?

Why is it important to know how the judicial system work?

Project time

Appoint Supreme Court Justices

Mock trial

Court rooms

Hero Talk

Congressman Justin Amash

Exhibition planning


Being a good JA citizen

How would you make your studio better?

Town hall meeting

Library books

How would you help a friend make better choices?

What do you do when you see things that need fixing?

How do you help others make safe choices?

What ways could you get involved with local charities?

Upcoming Event

Wednesday 11/14 3pm

United States Government Quest