Meet Sally Khan

The mhs press

 Issue No. 2                                                                October 22-26, 2018

This week the heroes have been over exceeding in math. Right away in the morning, the heroes get started on math, collaborating and helping one another. Even during lunch, the heroes continue working and mastering skills. The oldest hero in the studio, Brinley, has been helping the younger heroes with math. Everybody has made incredible progress since then. They have named her Sally Khan, inspired by Sal Khan.

Wednesday was an exciting 14th birthday for Emma D.! Emma brought a dozen doughnuts to share with MHS! The doughnuts were a big hit. The heroes all wished Emma a happy 14th birthday!

All the heroes have been encouraging Emma S. to finish 5th grade. And this week, she worked really hard to reach her goal. Close to the end of Wednesday, Emma S finish 5th-grade math!

The heroes have also made their fourth renovation of the year. Every time they move they say “I love it! I don’t think we’ll move again.” But they always end up moving the huts.


This Thursday, the heroes got to experience the first Fire Drill at Journey Academy. It happened at 11:48 in the morning and the heroes did an awesome job of listening to the guides and getting to the right safe place, which is in the parking lot in front of the school. The heroes are now prepared in the event of another drill!

The heroes have also been working a lot on their debates for the exhibition in November! They are really coming along. The heroes are very nervous because they had to prepare for both sides of the argument, though they won’t know what side they will argue until debate day. A coin flip will determine their arguments.

The MHS heroes had the special privilege of being the first to walk the new path behind Journey Academy. Maddie’s dad mowed an awesome walking path that tours a lot of the land behind the school. Though it was cold outside, the walk was enjoyable and they hope to use it a lot more.

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