First Edition of The MHS Press

The mhs press

Introducing the first edition of The MHS Press, a weekly publication created by Journey Academy Middle school and High school heroes.

This week the heroes have started their U.S. Government and Debate quest. During core skills on the first day, the Elementary studio was a  country ruled by a dictator. The MHS heroes walked into the elementary studio to go to the bathroom and were immediately confronted by Madam Amy. They declared that it would cost 2 hero bucks to step onto their land.  To get to the bathroom or microwave, the MHS heroes would have to go outside and around to the vestibule. This caused a lot of failed persuasion attempts and arguments between studios. The heroes in MHS decided to fight back by creating their own country, naming it “The Bobieta Ross Country”. The name came from nicknaming  Emma D. “Bobieta Ross”(inspired by Bob Ross).

Throughout the week the heroes have been researching and becoming experts about the five government types. Each of them chose a government type to pursue, research, and master.

At the end of each project time, the heroes discussed what they learned from their government.

Dictatorship – Emma S. / Will
Socialism – Emma D.
Oligarchy – Brinley
Monarchy – Emma S., Will.
Democracy – Molly

The heroes were also challenged to come up with debate topics to research and defend, not just their side, but both sides. They worked really hard and had a lot of fun discussing each side of the debate topics, especially when both sides seemed very convincing. Their thinking was always challenged by other heroes during their discussion even before the actual debate.

The heroes have, again, remodeled their huts(desk transformed into forts made out of blankets and bed sheets) for the 3rd time this year. Now, the desks are in a circle with a “Town Hall” in the middle. Each Morning, the heroes decided to their own to come together in the middle of theirs huts to help each other with math. They call this time Math Morning and progressing in their math percentages on Khan Academy from the support they get from one another. They also really enjoy having Socratic discussions in the town hall. Lots of brainstorming occur in the Town Hall.

On Thursday, Mr.Matt was the MHS guide for the day, while Ms.Dana was in an Acton conference. During P.E. the heroes were pushed to run five laps around the school, instead of the typical Capture the Flag game.

The heroes got a special visit from Annabelle’s Dad and two Kent County Police horses! We got to ask questions and even feed them some apples!

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