Branches, Bills, and Laws – Oh My!

The heroes experienced some real-world examples of the time and energy it takes to create a bill, as well as the long process of having a bill become a law. Wednesday’s bills that were presented to the Senate were titled, FUN Friday Cancelled and Brain Break During Project Time. The first bill mentioned died quickly on the Senate floor, while the second bill got approved by Congress and sent to the President. The acting President signed the bill and it will be put into practice this coming Monday, October 29. When the first bill was brought to the Senate, one hero said, “This isn’t really going to happen if we vote to approve it, right? This is all just pretend.” When the heroes found out it would became a law in their studio, it became high stakes!  

On Thursday, the heroes created a bill in their Squad Group. Of all the bills that were presented: Turn ES Desks into Forts, Hang Lights in the Studio, and Hand in the Box Game, only one bill got the chance to move forward. The bill that made it to the Senate floor and passed in both the Senate and the House of Representatives was the one titled, Hang Lights in the Studio. Once the acting President received the bill, she signed it making it a law. Soon this studio will have hanging lights!

At close today, the heroes had a discussion about all the responsibilities government officials have serving the people of the United States. In 1 Timothy 2, we were reminded to pray for our leaders. During prayer time today, the heroes intentionally lifted up:

  • Cabinet members by name.
  • State Senators by name.
  • State Representatives from our district by name.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What branch of government their Exhibition poster board is about?
  2. What bills became laws this week?
  3. What three things can the U.S. President do if a bill makes it to him?
  4. About the two tracks out in the field at JA?

Reading of the first bill below.

The acting President signing a bill into law.

Creating a bill in their Squad Groups.

New ELS Buddies this session started today. Check out the tall tower created during that time below!

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