Governments Around the World

Journey Academy traveled the world and took on different forms of government each day. An entire day consisted of heroes experiencing a certain form of government that they would be learning about in the afternoon.

On Monday, the heroes were under the rule of a dictator. Heroes had to:

  • Salute the dictator each time they spoke to her.
  • Sit in desks during core skill time and during lunch.
  • Stay in their country.
  • Go to jail if they conspired against the dictator.
  • Only work on what the dictator asked of them.
  • Get approval for eating a healthy snack.
  • Pay a “lunch tax” before eating their lunch
  • Could only eat during snack time and lunch time.

During close, some of the heroes commented on the frustration they had due to the lack of freedom, trust, and having a voice. One hero said, “Actually, today felt a lot like what a regular school is like. I had to ask you to go to the bathroom. I had to do the core skill you assigned for the day at the time you scheduled it. And I had to eat in my desk for snack and lunch.” Such a profound statement.

On Tuesday, the heroes were part of a socialist government. Heroes had to:

  • Work on their assigned jobs for their country during Core Skills.
  • Hand in their snack and lunch so they could be divided up equally amongst the country.
  • Report their Core Skill points before tracking. The country’s total points were added up, divided by 11 (total heroes), and shared equally so all the heroes received the same amount of points for the day.
  • Cover up any name brands with tape.
  • Move all desks into a row and have them at the same height.

During Tuesday’s close, the heroes reflected on how there were times they felt a mixture of emotions. One hero who earned 272 points for the day was hugely disappointed and frustrated to receive 114 points for the day. A hero stated, “You say that this is fair and equal, but it doesn’t feel right. Another hero worked harder than me and that helped my points go higher, but I don’t feel good about that happening.”

On Wednesday, the heroes were part of a monarchy. The founders, Matt and Dana, were King and Queen, and Prince Simon and Prince Crust made decrees throughout the day. Heros had to:

  • Eat a healthy snack during snack time only.
  • Work somewhere in the studio other than their desk space.
  • Go outside (weather permitted) during recess.
  • Take part in a dance party when the guide turned on music for the studio.
  • Respect and follow any decrees made throughout the day by the king, queen, or princes.

Wednesday’s close was filled with joy due to the monarchy that was leading the studio. They shared how host of the day felt more like a democracy, but how that may not be true for all monarchies. It led to them sharing how many kings from the Bible cared about themselves and their throne – King Darius and King Herod, but that the True King, Jesus, is the greatest of all.


On Thursday the heroes were part of an oligarchical government. All level two heroes were given authority to make decisions for all the heroes in the studio. For this day the heroes had to:

  • Dance when they heard music.
  • Work on math for the first core skill.
  • Have a morning brain break.
  • Work in groups they made during project time.

Thursday’s relaunch focused on how the morning went as a studio. It was an honest discussion about kindness, understanding, and forgiveness. The heroes (both leaders and non-leaders) shared ways they were being more hurtful than helpful to the studio. Each hero reflected on what they would do as an individual to improve the studio for the afternoon. There were tears, opportunities to grow, misunderstandings, opportunities to listen, and in the end a beautiful image of restoration as they, together, danced to Joy by Of King and Country. At close the heroes recognized how the afternoon went much better because they:

  • Let the appointed leaders have a voice.
  • Listened to one another.
  • Spoke kindly to each other.
  • Stayed on task.
  • Followed the Hero’s Contract and JA Processes.

Lastly, Friday was a democracy. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the heroes were thrilled to “have their studio back the way it should be.” It was a normal day at Journey. The heroes were filled with gratitude for how the studio is set up like a democracy where everyone’s voice is heard and matters, as well as a place where they have freedom.

What a week these heroes have had experiencing different forms of government around the world. Thank you for taking the time to have fruitful conversations at home. Also, thank you for sharing with us how this week has:

  • Provided insight for your hero about what people experience in different governments around the world.
  • Taught your hero how being a leader is not as easy as it might look.
  • Challenged your hero to pray for other Christians risking their lives to share the Gospel in oppressive governments.
  • Revealed to your hero how we can take our freedom in America for granted.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What animal came and visited Journey on Thursday?
  2. What form of government was most difficult for them? Why?
  3. What form of government was most enjoyable for them? Why?
  4. What kind of prayer we do at Launch Friday mornings?
  5. Who the new ES heroes are that joined our studio this session?
  6. What FUN Friday was?

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Monarchy Day

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Oligarchy Day

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