Children’s Business Fair and J.A. Art Week

Last Saturday was the big day – The Children’s Business Fair! The net profit for the elementary heroes ranged from $55 to $100. It was incredible to witness all the potential customers fill up the tents during those two hours. Thank you all for supporting your entrepreneur heroes during that quest.

Heading into the last week of this session, the heroes moved from walking in the shoes of an entrepreneur to jumping into the mind of being a creative artist. The heroes started off the week at Art Prize by experiencing what it would be like to enter an African village thanks to the West Michigan Jewels of Africa. From there the heroes headed out to see all the art around the town. On the art walk, they tried to discover each piece’s “T.I.M.E.S.”

T = Time it took the artist to create.

I = Inspiration the artist had for creating the piece.

M = Medium used for the piece.

E = Emotion the artist wants to evoke.

S = Story the artist wants you to remember.

Art Prize Field Trip Downtown

The heroes had the opportunity to create a piece of art, along with a writing piece highlighting the T.I.M.E.S., into Journey Academy’s Art Prize. Thank you to everyone that came out to the Mini-Exhibition and took time to vote. The tallies have been counted and the Elementary Studio winners have been announced. Great job, artists!

The Elementary Studio Journey Academy Art Prize Winners are…

Art Week Mini-Exhibition

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What was the most challenging and rewarding experience for them at the business fair?
  2. Why they decorated brown bags with their ELS Buddy today?
  3. How many hero bucks they earned from this session?
  4. What items were available for purchase at the Hero Bucks Store?
  5. What they bought using their hero bucks from this session?

The Hero Bucks Store was open for business today!

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