Cleaning Conquerors!

Studio Maintenance has gone on longer than normal the past couple of weeks, and the heroes have discussed different solutions to conquer this problem. At last week’s town hall meeting, they voted to not start close until the studio is completely clean. Due to this vote, close has become shorter, which has disappointed them. During a close this week, they held another discussion and voted to solve the problem. Here is what they decided:

  1. Throughout the day, all the heroes must work on picking up anything they use.
  2. Hold one another accountable to picking up throughout the day.
  3. When studio maintenance begins, all heroes need to first clean their desk.
  4. Once their space is clean, they will meet in Squad Groups to clean assigned spaces in the studio.
  5. When the Squad Group believes the assigned space is clean, they will ask the Studio Maintenance Champion to approve it.
  6. Once the Squad Group completes all assigned spaces, they will ask other Squad Groups, “How can I help?”

It has been incredible to see these heroes have come together to solve this problem with the desire to keep the studio sacred.

Lastly, it is finally here – The Children’s Business Fair! As you know, the heroes have been planning and preparing for this event over the past four weeks. It all began with an idea to form a company, develop a product, and lead into some deeper knowledge about what it means to be an entrepreneur. They also figured out their break-even analysis and projected sales. This past week has been all about preparing for their “Grand Opening” tomorrow! There is excitement, along with nervousness, in the air. At launch on Wednesday, the heroes came up with ways to overcome their nerves. Below are their suggestions:

  1. Pray
  2. Prep
  3. Think about pros and cons
  4. Deep breaths
  5. Paper clip in pocket
  6. Think positive thoughts
  7. Count slowly
  8. Have a mint
  9. Take a break
  10. Bend your knees

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What their mission statement is for their business?
  2. How much it costs per unit to make their product?
  3. How much they need to sell to break-even?
  4. How much their total net profit could be?
  5. What they did at Launch today with their neighbor?
  6. How many days until the Children’s Business Fair?


Heroes listening to Mr. Blain share his story as an entrepreneur.

Heroes sharing their shadow art.

Business Fair Simulation with the ELS Buddies.

Celebrating a hero’s birthday with the entire J.A. community.

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