Huddle Up – The ES Has Squad Groups!

Last week we watched a video with Kirk Cousins (Vikings Quarterback) sharing about his role as a leader, the importance of trusting the Holy Spirit’s leading over his own ideas, and the desire to serve God in all he does. What a great way to kickoff something new taking place in the elementary studio – Squad Groups.

Heroes have been placed in a group with an appointed Squad Leader for the entirety of this session. This is a way to intentionally equip heroes as leaders, as well as provide heroes with someone they know they can go to first to seek help and guidance. Just as the Viking players look to Cousins for leadership on the field and in a huddle, heroes can look to Squad Leaders for support and guidance.

The responsibilities of Squad Leader include:

  1. Reading weekly leadership articles and/or devotions provided by the guide.
  2. Meeting weekly with the guide and other Squad Leaders.
  3. Helping heroes in their Squad Group when/if needed, along with helping heroes outside of their group.
  4. Helping heroes find someone who may be able to assist them if they are unable to provide guidance.

Heroes in their squad groups during project time.

As we approach the business fair, the heroes accomplished an incredible task in preparation for the business fair! They figured out their total expenses, break-even analysis, and total net profit. All the heroes are working on articulating those numbers in order to show a deeper understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Just watch Shark Tank and you’ll discover knowing your numbers is just as important as having the knowledge and passion for your product.

Have your asked your hero:

  1. How many days are left until the business fair?
  2. What their mission statement is for their business?
  3. What heroes will be going on the news to talk about the business fair?
  4. How many products they need to sell to break-even at the business fair?
  5. Who the new art guide is?

Heroes making abstract art with the new art guide.

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