Dream Big. Pray Big.

Journey Academy was so blessed to welcome a special visitor this past week. Many of you had the pleasure of meeting Ellie and hear her speak about her experience as a pioneer in education. She was part of the first graduating class at Acton Academy in Austin, Texas. We are beyond thankful for her insight and wisdom she provided throughout the week!

Ellie (from Acton) sharing her Hero’s Journey

This past Wednesday the heroes created a masterpiece during their art session. What made this art time unique was the fact that they would sell their creation to ELS heroes during project time rather than keep it. The heroes stepped into the shoes of an artist, transformed the studio into an Art Market, and practiced hooking potential buyers.

During our debriefing from the Art Market the heroes shared their disappointments, highlights, and what they will implement differently at the Children’s Business Fair. Below were some of the comments:

  1. I turned a puff ball into a “Fidgety thing.” Using a buzzword can bring in customers.
  2. I played with what I created since I turned my art into a toy. This made the ELS heroes want to play with it and buy it.
  3. It was disappointing to see heroes walk buy and not buy something I worked hard on. I learned to go up to people and try to bring them closer to my booth to see what I am selling.

Open for Business – Art Market

Today we had a Hero Talk by Kelly Rozema. She would describe herself as an entrepreneur by accident. She wanted a sign in her kitchen, which lead to orders from around the country and partnerships with local shops. The heroes had the opportunity to “weed” a sign just like her employees do. At the end of her time with us, she reminded the heroes to dream big and pray big. How fitting!

Hero Talk

Have you asked your hero:

  1. If a Hero’s Journey is ever completed?
  2. What was the most difficult or disappointing part of the Art Market?
  3. What was the most rewarding part of the Art Market?
  4. What Squad Groups are?
  5. What part of their Business Plan they completed this afternoon?
  6. The 3 A’s we did at close today? (Hint: Appreciation, Apologies, and AHA moments)
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