Getting Gritty

The ELS heroes have accepted the challenge to develop grit. They have convinced each other that effort counts twice than talent. Many heroes chose perseverance as the most important character trait for them to succeed. And although at first they did not know what resilience meant, they were confident that they were resilient because they do not give up easily, despite any obstacle that might keep them from reaching their goals.

Grit is not so hard to get for our heroes since they have already chosen to have a growth mindset. Our new heroes are quickly grasping the difference between growth and fixed mindset. All the heroes who have been immersed in a growth mindset last year are helping their new friends understand the importance of a growth mindset. The heroes continue to encourage one another take on new challenges, to learn from their mistakes, and celebrate each other’s successes.

With grit and a growth mindset, it is not surprising that the heroes would have so much courage when facing dilemmas that challenges their faith. During their Bible readings, in the second chapter of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, they have been reading about Paul’s courage in sharing the gospel. When the heroes imagined themselves in situations that may test their faith, the heroes were full of courage as well. They resolved to remind friends to pray before eating even when they are at a birthday party, to read the Bible even outside of school, and to tell friends about Jesus even when a friend may say they just want to play instead of reading the Bible. And with a growth mindset, many heroes came up with solutions to various dilemmas they discussed. Such as, if another friend just wanted to play video games or use their iPad instead of reading the Bible, one hero suggested that he would invite his friend to watch Bibleman who is cool and uses Bible verses to defeat his enemies. Even in a scenario where they were threatened to not get invited for a playdate again if they keep talking about Jesus, a hero said she would tell the parents, not to tattle on her friend, but to tell them about Jesus too.

When faced with the challenges of the Entrepreneur Quest, the heroes showed no fear in starting their own businesses. Rather they were filled with excitement, not from the money they would make or in pleasing people, but from experiencing freedom in creating something on their own. From the first day of the quest, they were so thrilled to plant the Magic Seeds of Entrepreneurship: make something with his or her own hands, sell it to another hero, and experience the freedom and responsibility of having a little extra spending money as a reward. They were buzzing with excitement as they created a product that they were passionate about and they believed others needed. Some heroes even chose to work together with shared interests and agreeing on a product they would like to sell to their friends. Many times they loved their product so much that they spent their own money to buy it. One hero decided she would make more that one product which led to more profit, allowing her to be able to buy more items from the store. Another hero truly believed in his heart that his friends would really love his product and did not want to burden them with losing the only dollar they have to spend, so he said he would give it away for free. As they created their products, through their conversations, one would notice that the heroes were motivated by making a high quality product that would serve the needs of their customers, with no mention of the profit they would make from the sale. They were so determined to make their product better so when they ran out of time for the day, they decided that they would continue working on it, “the next day, and the next day, and the next day.”

So the heroes will continue facing challenges on their Entrepreneur Quest. Many have already shared some business ideas or have even starting working on their products. The attached business plans list some ideas they have so far and they will keep updating this information within the next couple weeks as we learn more about being an entrepreneur. Please use this information as you complete the Grand Rapids Children’s Business Fair online application for your hero’s business and feel free to make changes to their business plans according to your planning at home.

Entrepreneur Quest 2018

Week 1

 September 4-7

Business plans

Three magic seeds of entrepreneurship

Business fair application

Company name and logo

Entrepreneur vocabulary

Goods and services worksheet

Week 2

September 10-14

Product development

Product name

Materials / supplies list

Product sample

Cost planning

Price point

Money math worksheets

Week 3

September 17-21

Marketing strategies

Advertising strategies

Competitors research

Product slogan

Advertisement videos

Supply and demand worksheet

Week 4

September 24-28


Business fair preparations

Business fair invitations

Business fair booth plans

Business fair posters

Table decor art

Entrepreneur’s pitch

9/29 Children’s Business Fair


Entrepreneur Quest – Week 1: 9/4 – 7





Bible verse

1 Thessalonians 2:2

God gave us the courage to declare his Good News to you boldly, in spite of great opposition.

Imagine you are at a your friend’s birthday party and everyone starts eating without praying first. Would you invite them to pray with you, pray quietly on your own, or start eating too since everyone else is eating?

1 Thessalonians 2:4-6

We are not trying to please people but God who tests our hearts.

We were not looking for praise from people.

What would you do if your friend tells you that if you keep talking about jesus, she will not invite you for a play date again?

1 Thessalonians 2:8

We were delighted to share with you our lives.

Who has shared their lives with you? Why is that important to you?

1 Thessalonians 2:12

Encouraging, comforting, and urging you to live lives worthy of God who call you into his kingdom and glory

Your friend has been working so hard to get her badge but it is taking so long. How would you encourage your friend? What advice would you give a friend who experienced failure?


Growth mindset

The thing Lou couldn’t do by Ashley Spires

Hero’s contract signing

Growth vs. Fixed mindset

There are some things i’ll never be good at.

When i make a mistake, i try to learn from it.

I feel embarrassed when other do better than me.

I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone.

I like showing others that I’m smart and talented.

I feel inspired by the success of others.

I feel good when i can do something others cannot.

It's possible to change how intelligent you are.

You shouldn’t have to to try to be smart.

I enjoy taking on new challenges.

How to Catch a Star

By Oliver Jeffers


Would you rather avoid failure to look smart or risk failure to learn and improve?

Hana Hashimoto sixth violin

By Chieri Uegaki

Do you believe if you have to try or put in effort, then you’re not very smart or talented?

Ish by Peter Reynolds

What would you do if someone criticizes your work? How would you feel?


Imagine this: you have a shiny, red, magical machine. In an opening at one end, you put the wild and crazy ideas that you have. Out of a conveyor belt at the other end pops real solutions that solve real world problems. Maybe it’s an iPhone app that helps you to talk to your dog, a medicine that makes you immune to bug bites, or a cup that keeps hot chocolate hot until the last drop. The machine is your mind and your hard work. You can turn a great idea into something real, but it takes a special formula: something you love to do + a problem or need you see in the world = your calling.

What is something you love to do?

What problem or need would you  like to solve?

14 year old CEO

How did you come up with your business idea? Would you give someone else your idea if they offer to give you $30m?

Children’s Business Fair 2017

What excites you the most about creating a business?

Making money

Helping others

Having more freedom

Company Logos

guess the logo game

If you were investing in a company, would you be more concerned with making money or by whether or not the business was really making a difference?

Which of these qualities/skills of an entrepreneur will you practice?

Courage: not afraid to try new things or take risks.

Listening: being a good listener in order to understand values, needs and suggestions of others.

Perseverance: being willing to work hard to get what he/she wants.

Project time

Business plans

Three magic seeds of entrepreneurship

Goods and services worksheet

Company name and logo

Logo maker

Business fair application

Entrepreneur vocabulary


Growth mindset reflections

Did you work as hard as you could have?

Did you spend enough time to do quality work?

How did you regulate procrastinations, distractions, and temptations in order to complete your work?

Hero bucks bank accounts

Do you feel that you should get a reward for every good work you do?

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