We Are Entrepreneurs!

The Entrepreneurship Quest has officially begun and these heroes are eager for the arrival of the Children’s Business Fair on Saturday, September 29. This week the heroes picked a product they will sell, wrote a pitch, and shared it with their parents. Many of you received a call yesterday about supporting your hero’s passion by giving them $20 in order to apply for the business fair. The pitches were pretty convincing!

In groups during project time today, the heroes stepped into the role of an entrepreneur for a cookie company. They researched three different business plans to figure out which one would be more profitable. The three models were:

  1. Buying all the ingredients, then making and selling the cookies.
  2. Buying pre-made cookie dough, then making and selling the cookies.
  3. Buying pre-made cookies and selling them.

They discovered being an entrepreneur requires a lot of planning. One hero stated, “I get why we are doing this. We should figure out how much everything is going to cost for our business so we can set a price to try and make money. Some of us set a price, but we might want to change that after we figure out how much we spent on everything.”

Yesterday, Journey started something new called Math Lab. If any hero feels they are struggling with a particular math concept they can:

  1. Sign up for a ten minute Math Lab session.
  2. Write down the concept they would like to focus on.
  3. Have the opportunity to visualize that concept in a new, different way.

The first Math Lab was a huge success as all the slots quickly filled up. Math Lab is just another example of how these heroes own their learning, recognize areas they may be struggling in, and show a desire to grow.

Thank you, Jeanette Stein, for guiding the heroes in math lab and for sharing your experience as an entrepreneur during the Hero Talk for the ES and MHS heroes. It was quite fitting that our buddy time today was all about math.

Buddy Time

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What their business is going to be?
  2. What the difference is between a logo and a slogan?
  3. What makes a great slogan?
  4. What Bible Verse they are learning during this quest?
  5. What they did during buddy time?
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