Building the Tribe

The first couple of weeks have been full of heroes getting to know one another and begin to understand the Journey Academy processes. Tribe Building has taken place each day in the afternoon. During one tribe building activity, the heroes decorated two blank puzzle pieces to represent how God has created each of them different. The heroes broke up into pairs. One was blindfolded while the other was guiding his/her partner to glue and stick their puzzle pieces together with the rest of the studio’s puzzle pieces onto the posterboard. Once completed, they switched roles.

During our debriefing, the heroes reflected. Here are some of the comments from that discussion:

  • Trying to follow your partner’s voice reminded me of what it is like when following God. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear His voice and know the way He is leading you.
  • We are all different.
  • Our puzzle isn’t perfect, just like we are not perfect.
  • This puzzle represents our tribe.
  • It reminds me of how we are the body of Christ and we all belong.

Tribe Building Pictures

The heroes have taken time to read Colossians 3 throughout the week. In that chapter, we read to do ALL things (whether in word or in deed) in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God the Father. The heroes reflected on how they can do this within the studio and beyond the walls of the studio. They also decided to have a “God’s Word Board” to share what God is teaching them in His word, as well as have a “Prayer Board” to share prayer requests. These heroes have a desire to grow closer to their Savior!

More Tribe Building Pictures

Ask your hero:

  1. What some of the “Would You Rather” questions were that heroes came up with last week?
  2. What scenarios the heroes came up with for conflict resolution last week?
  3. What Fun Friday is?
  4. What Journey Tracker is?
  5. Why trust is important in a tribe?
  6. How many points a hero should achieve each week?
  7. What a Character Callout is?
  8. How to earn a Hero Buck?
  9. What a Chorus Prayer is?

Journey Academy Heroes

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