Unfaltering Perseverance and Determination


Even with only two more weeks to go before the end of the school year, our heroes’ perseverance in reaching their goals does not falter. They continue their work with the same determination as they did from the beginning of the year. Usually, at this time of the year, students struggle in focusing on their school work, with their minds already looking forward to their summer vacation; but not our Journey Academy Heroes. Our heroes actually wish they could stay in school throughout the summer! One hero exclaims, “I want to stay in school. I just love school so much!”

The heroes have been taking some time to reflect on their school year during discussions. They shared how much they have learned and changed this year. Several heroes remembered how they did not know how to read and now they love to read! Another hero mentioned that she did not know any math before but now she can do all her math work on her own. Many heroes recognized their hard work and accomplishments even through their struggles and failures. They each shared how their mistakes helped them learn more because they kept on trying and never gave up.

Some parents have also shared how their child has matured so much this year. One mom was so amazed when her daughter said to her, “Mom, thank you for always encouraging me!” Another mom had a similar experience with her daughter who said to her, “Mom, thank you for always supporting me!” Many other parents express their joys in seeing their child grow, not only academically, but more importantly socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Survivor Quest

On this quest, the heroes will learn skills and science to survive in the outdoors, They will learn more about the natural world around us. And they will get to put some of their skills to use during the Survival quest exhibition at the end of the session!

Weekly Focus

Quest Challenges

Week 1

5/29 – 6/1

Fire and First aid

Fire building

First aid

Nature danger

Orienteering challenge: snake bite

Week 2

6/4 – 6/8

Freshwater and

water cycle

Water cycle

Solar Stills

Water filtration

Cloud in a bottle

Orienteering challenge: river crossing

Week 3

6/11 – 6/15

Food and shelter

Foraging and edible insect cards

Outdoor cooking

Build a shelter

Tent set up and breakdown

Our Week At A Glance

Week 1: 5/29 – 6/1


Colossians 2:19

The whole body grows as God causes it to grow

How have you grown since the beginning of the school year? How are you different today from your first day of school? How did God help you grow?

Colossians 3:1

Set your hearts on things above

What is in your heart? What do you love the most? Is it something “above” as the Bible says?

Colossians 3:2

Set your minds on things above

How do you set your mind on things above? What “earthly things” get in your way of setting your mind on things above?

Colossians 3:3

Your life is hidden with Christ in God.

How do you see Jesus is in your friend’s life?

Katie discovers the Dip

Every challenge is a journey. You get frustrated and you feel like you want to quit. (The Dip)

How do you stay positive when you are in The Dip?

Climbing out of The Dip

Reflect, thinking really hard about how to get better

What do you do when you make a mistake? What happens to your neurons when you make mistakes? Have you ever climbed out of The Dip?

The Big Show

Focus on reflecting and improving… the pressure to be the best melts away…keep getting better.

Instead of comparing your success with others, what kind of attitude can you have?

Discovering the Dip

Thomas Edison 

Which Thomas Edison quote encourages you the most?

Writer’s workshop

Typing club

writing journals

Spelling city

Fry words 11-20

Author’s chair


Play-based learning


Catch Air

Whiteboard art

Pool noodles

Scooter boards



Which survival skill would be most critical to you in a survival situation: the ability to find or build shelter, ability to build a fire, ability to find and collect safe drinking water, knowledge of first aid to take care of yourself, or your ability to find food?

Need and wants

In this quest, we will explore four basic needs of human survival: food, water, shelter, safety. What else do you consider a need for survival?

First Aid – Animation

What first aid skills do you already have? When administering first aid, there are two important terms to understand: “signs” and “symptoms.” A sign is something that you, the caregiver, can see. A symptom is something the patient is feeling. Can you think of an example of a sign? Of a symptom?

When you are in an intense or scary situation, how do you react?

Should first aid be required for everyone in schools and workplaces?

Project time

Fire challenges

Step 1 collect tinder

Pine needles, inner bark of dead branches, dried grass

Step 2 collect kindling

Twigs about  the size of a pencil

Step 3 collect fuel

Dead and downed wood no bigger around than your wrist

Fire starting methods

Flint and steel

Magnifying glass

Fire by friction

First aid tips to teach children

First aid education for children:

  • burns
  • choking
  • bleeding
  • broken bone,
  • unresponsive person who is breathing
  • CPR

First Aid Card

Today we’re going to simulate some first aid situations so that you can practice the mindset needed to help others in scary situations.



Camping around the world


Camp songs  


Painting branches




How does the survival quest challenge you? What do you expect to achieve at the end of the quest?

How do you distinguish between a need and a want? Why is it important to think about needs and wants?

How did failing help you learn new ways to improve?

What did your team do to persevere? How did your team respond to failure?

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