Entomology and Passion Project Exhibition

Challenges were completed, habitats were created, jobs were assigned, passions were pursued, and Thursday was the day the heroes pulled it all together for the exhibition. Seeing the heroes light up with excitement to answer questions for entomology and their passion  was a testament to who they are as lifelong learners. They are an inspiration to those around them! Each hero persevered, overcame obstacles, and felt a great sense of accomplishment for all they did over the past six weeks.

Exhibition Day!

Friday, Reflection Day, was filled with many highlights! For reflections, the heroes honestly completed peer reviews, personal reviews, and leadership reviews. There were two separate celebrations for achievements. First, each hero was given their total amount of hero bucks for this session, as well as the order for shopping at the store thanks to the efforts of the Hero Bucks Champions. Second, the heroes took ownership of their badge frames at our first-ever Badge Ceremony. One at a time, a hero was recognized for their accomplishments during this session by receiving a Writer’s Workshop Autobiography Badge, Entomology Badge, and/or Passion Project Badge. It was a beautiful moment we look forward to implementing on Reflection Day.

Lastly, it couldn’t have been better timing to have almost all the chrysalids transform into butterflies on Friday. At the end of the day, the entomology groups took out the butterfly habitats to release their butterflies. What a beautiful way to end this session!

Releasing the butterflies!

Have You Asked Your Hero:

  1. What is a 360 Review?
  2. What is the purpose of reflection day?
  3. What challenge they overcame during this session?
  4. What their biggest accomplishment was this session?
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