It was a “BEE”utiful Week

It was a “BEE”utiful week in the EMS studio this week. For the entomology quest, the heroes had the opportunity to speak with a real-life beekeeper  from Canada over FaceTime! He shared fascinating information about how many bees are in two boxes (120,000), how and why to “smoke” the bees, the benefits of bees and their honey, the delicacy of eating honeycomb, and how often he gets stung. He also shared how he plans to call us back on a warmer day to reveal the bees in action. Next week we have another real-life expert visiting the studio and will get to build some habitats for real insects!

Above is an open bee box. We hope to see this on a warmer day!

During civilization, heroes were divided into groups to explore life during the Renaissance. They gathered together to share their findings, and learned about famous figures such as Johannes Gutenberg. At the end, a question was posed during the studio-led discussion, “Will the internet have a greater or lesser impact on society than the printing press? Why?” They also held debates regarding the rebellion that took place between the Pope and the reformers. Reflecting, the heroes said it would have been difficult to discern who or what to believe, the Pope and the Catholic teaching or the reformers.

FUN Friday was full of enjoyment for the heroes in pajamas as they carried around a mascot all day (Boxed Water, #betterplanet), played a game in P.E., visited baby goats, and still met their goals during core skill time.


Accountability continues to be a word brought up in the studio. Accountability to:

  1. Uphold the Hero’s Contract.
  2. Character Callouts.
  3. Asking for hero bucks when necessary.
  4. Keeping the studio, hallway, and lockers clean.
  5. Meeting our Journey Tracker points.

A vote was cast following a thorough discussion with Mr. Matt that showed the heroes how to daily set goals to help accomplish their weekly Journey Tracker points. They voted to post their individual points up weekly if, collectively, the studio did not meet the goal. Great improvement was made within the first week seeing ____ heroes of the 12 here this week accomplished their weekly points!

Have You Asked Your Hero:

  1. About “Backwards Week” next week?
  2. If they met their Journey Tracker points?
  3. What happened to the beekeeper’s apple trees, flowers, and garden after becoming a beekeeper?
  4. What they taped onto their chromebook’s keyboard?
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