Beauty in HIS Creation

This week the heroes witnessed a transformation take place within the studio because of the actions and choices they voted upon and upheld. Through discussions and the Thursday town hall meeting, they made a commitment to be intentional about holding one another and the studio accountable to excellence and respect in life and in learning. Many positive, encouraging comments were made about the changes they made as individuals and a studio.

It was timely seeing the studio transformation take place this week since they were learning about what was unfolding during 1500 A.D. with the pope, European kings, and Martin Luther. At the end of civilization this Thursday, the studio created their own “4 Theses” and hung it on the door of the studio. They even backed up their statements with verses from the Bible. It is evident these heroes want to change the world and bring glory to God.

Here are the 4 Theses the Heroes created!


The heroes finally kicked off their Entomology Quest on Tuesday. We are discovering what the life of an entomologist is like by starting with classification. Cheers and excitement rang in the studio when they heard each group will be responsible for creating and maintaining an ant farm, mealworm habitat and caterpillar to butterfly kit. This will be an amazing opportunity to get some hands-on experience with different insects. Here a just a few we’ve come up close with this week.

One of our discussions this week brought up Psalm 50:11. There it states, “the insects in the field are mine.” We challenged ourselves to look past the “creepy crawler” mentality many of us might have about insects and instead, reflect on how they are a part of God’s creation. They were asked, “Can you find beauty in any insects?” Some insects mentioned were caterpillars, ladybugs, butterflies and bees. At the end we voted in response to this question, “Do you think insects are gross or not?” The majority find them gross, and I look forward to seeing if any hero’s opinion ends up changing by the end of this quest.


The MS heroes are taking on another leadership role within their Entomology Quest group. They are learning about effective approaches to leadership that empower and bring a group together so they can complete their challenges and meet their goals.

Have You Asked Your Hero:

  1. What sources they are using to learn more about their passion topic?
  2. Why accountability partners / running buddies are important in life / studio?
  3. Who had a birthday this week?
  4. What happened on “Fun Friday”?
  5. What an autobiography is?
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