Military Heroes’ Journey

Our heroes have reached the end of their Military Quest. Thank you for supporting our heroes during their exhibition. The heroes shared how they believe their exhibition made a difference in the lives of their families and friends. Many heroes talked about how their families learned new things about the military. Some believed that they may have influenced some people during the exhibition to change their jobs and join the military. One hero pointed out the importance of telling others about the military so they could tell others too. All the heroes agreed that people who saw them during the exhibition would also have the courage to support the military because “the military is the best thing about the United States!”

They have also read the book of Philippians during this quest. The final chapter has helped the heroes contemplate on important messages from the Lord. In one discussion, the heroes tackled a controversial issue, choosing between preserving peace or fighting to help others. Most heroes changed their mind several times when friends challenged their decisions. The heroes who immediately chose peace easily wavered in their decision when the others reminded them about those in need of their help to protect them from the bad guys. On the other hand, the heroes who were ready to fight were also challenged by those who valued peace and wanted to avoid fighting. But after reading Philippians 4:7, “The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus,” they were convinced that peace comes from Jesus in our hearts, so whether they choose to fight or not, they still have peace in their hearts and minds.

Later that day, during close, the heroes shared how they remained peaceful throughout the day despite challenges they faced. One hero, who felt offended by another hero said she found peace when she forgave her friend. Then the other hero who offended her added that she found peace when she used kind words to help her friend feel better. Most heroes shared how they had peace because they remembered that Jesus is in their hearts and minds.

The heroes have been reflecting on their Hero’s Journey this week as we end our military quest. They remembered their Call to Action at the beginning of the quest, when they were first inspired by Lt. Comm. Thomson from the US Navy, thinking about the lives of the men and women who serve in the military. Our Bible verse from Philippians 4:9, Whatever you have learned…put it into practice, moved our heroes to reflect on their call to action. They talked about how they all had different callings, as seen in their choices of military branch. Some heroes shared their calling to tell others about Jesus, while some felt they were called to help others.

All the heroes Accepted the Challenge to go on a military quest. For six weeks, they willingly immersed themselves in their quest to learn as much as they could about each branch of the military and try to imagine stepping into the soldiers’ shoes. They were genuinely sincere in their concern for the well being of the military men and women as they prepare the Hero Boxes for the soldiers.

Then as we drew closer to the exhibition, many heroes felt that it was time to Face their Fears, to stand and sing in front of a huge audience in a movie theater, to honor the United States Military. Despite the “tummy bugs” they felt even in just thinking about it, they were convinced and could not be swayed from doing otherwise. At any time, the heroes had the freedom and independence to change their minds and turn back on their decision to perform during the exhibition and do something else, but they did not. They believed they would overcome their fears through their prayers and faith.

After the exhibition, each hero had a strong testimony for their Bible verse from the book of Philippians, I can do all things through Him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13), and “all things” included their exhibition. The heroes expressed their confidence at the end of their quest, that they were able to share the most important message they would like to impart throughout their quest, that “the military never gives up to keep us safe so we need to help them and they always win because God is on their side!”

Week 6: March 26 – 30, 2018







Reflection day



Bible verse song

2 Timothy

Philippians 4:7

The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Is it more important to preserve peace or to fight to help others?

Why do we need the peace of God? How can we have peace in our hearts and minds? What happens when we do not have peace?

Philippians 4:8

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent and praiseworthy – think about such things.

Are you a hummingbird or a buzzard? What ways could you be a hummingbird?

Philippians 4:9

Whatever you have learned…put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

What do you do with what you have learned? Would you tell others or do something? What did God call you to do? What is your Call to Action in your Hero’s journey? Do you Accept the challenge? Are you ready to face your fears?

Philippians 4:12

I have learned to be content in all circumstances.

When do you feel content? When do you not feel content? Is it possible to be always content?

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

Think of a time when you felt like you could not do something. Were you able to do it eventually? How did you do it? What did you think or feel that helped you do it?

Writer’s workshop

Author’s chair:

Scriptwriting – military branch recruitment fair

Typing club

Printing book

Spelling city

Invitation writing



Play-based TWTh



Scooter boards

Trash bag parachutes

Straw connectors tower

Toy store dramatic play

Nature Hike


Why do we need to have an exhibition?

Future quests and exhibitions

What else do you need to prepare for the exhibition?

How will you convince someone to sign up for your military branch?

What would you like the people in the exhibition to know about the military branches?

How did the exhibition make a difference in the lives of your family and friends?

Project time

Military branch posters

Military branch script practice, role play

Collection drive poster

Exhibition practice

Hero box packing



Exhibition presentation




Exhibition artwork


US Military deployments around the world review


Hero boxes artwork




How did you keep the peace of God to guard your heart or your mind?

Who was a hummingbird today?

What did you learn today? How does this change you?

What ways were you content today?

What quest would you like to do next?

The heroes would like to thank everyone who brought donations to fill their Hero Boxes. During project time, the heroes devised a system on their own, an assembly line that started with someone taking one grocery bag at a time, another one takes out one item, passes them to those in line up to the end of the line, who then passes them to two heroes distributing the items in each box. What an amazing sight to see them organize this system on their own! The only flaw in the process was the need for more boxes after filling all ten boxes overflowing. But they were excited about sending more care packages and helping not only ten soldiers, but they said they could help ten more!

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