Be All You Can Be in the Lord’s Army

Our young heroes are so inspired to make a difference in the Lord’s Army as they meet the brave men and women of the United States Military during our Military Quest. They were honored to begin our quest with a video call straight from the Naval base in Virginia Beach with LT Commander Bryon Thomson or “Dr. Bryon.” They were amazed to meet a doctor who also served in the Navy. The lieutenant was very impressed with the respectfulness, curiosity, and confidence of our heroes, fully prepared with questions they came up with on their own:


Why did you choose this mission?


How did you become LT Commander?


What is your greatest fear?


What do you do in the Navy?


Do you believe in God?


What is your favorite food?  


What is your favorite ice cream?


How fun was the military?

Each week during this session, they will be getting to know the real heroes in every branch of the military who serve and protect our country. This week, the heroes started “Basic Skills Training” learning all about the U.S. Army. They also encountered many members of the Army through their research and found out various ways the soldiers serve, either as chaplains, doctors, engineers or even artists.

During one discussion, the heroes learned about an Army officer who chose to become an Army chaplain, LT Amy Wainwright. After hearing her testimony, they conferred with one another whether they would have made the same choice, which is to go back to training as a chaplain instead of going out on a mission after completing basic skills training. They unanimously agreed that it is more important to follow God’s calling even if it means to go back to school or do more work and training.

Throughout the week, our heroes have been living up to the Army Values. They discussed the meaning and gave examples for each value,  then they pondered which one they believed was the most important value. Several heroes recognized the importance of respect, especially for their parents. Some heroes acknowledged that selfless service is most important as they correlated it with their hero’s contract promise, to think of others before themselves. One hero pointed out personal courage to be most important for a soldier when facing enemies.

Further into the discussion, some heroes expressed their fears going into battle. So the heroes started to describe the greatest fears that the soldiers face when they go into battle. Many established their fear for safety and staying alive. In light of this, the heroes recognized the sacrifices that soldiers make to protect our nation. One hero believed the biggest sacrifice they make is to be separated from their families. But most of them agreed that it would be hardest to face the enemy. Then one hero reminded his friends about another battle we learned from the Bible and provided the group with a direct quote from Ephesians 6:12, pointing out that we too “go to battle like the soldiers, but we fight in a spiritual battle in an unseen world… but we do not have to be afraid because Jesus is on our side, so we are safe and we always win the battle!”

By learning about the sacrifices and dangers our military heroes face, our young heroes have become very determined to support our deployed troops throughout this quest by preparing care packages for them. They agreed to sponsor a unit with ten members, one for each hero. They are so excited to get to know the members that they have started writing letters, making cards, and drawing pictures for them. In addition, the heroes carefully peruse the wishlist provided through to decide what they would like to add to the care packages until the last day of the quest when they will be ready to pack and ship the boxes to their sponsor unit. And they promised to ask for permission before raiding their pantries and supply cabinets at home.

Military Quest

Focus topic

Research options

Project options

Week 1

Feb 19 – 23

US Army

Structure and organization

Serving in the Army





Online chat with Sgt Star

Sponsor a unit

Letter writing

Care kits lists

Crochet/knit scarves

Military flags

Army soldiers

Binoculars camouflage painting

Toy soldiers parachutes

Box Army vehicles

Week 2

Feb 26 – Mar 2

Marine Corps

Becoming a marine

Being a marine

Roles in corps

Physical fitness

Legendary uniforms

Warfighting lab

Stories of distinction

Contact a marine

Thursday, March 1, 10:30 am

Field trip to The Silverside Museum

Armed forces uniforms




Week 3

Mar 5 – 9





Uniforms and Insignias

Navy equipment


Navy life

Stories of service

Careers and jobs

Navy chat

National Anthem – Star Spangled Banner

Patriotic songs

Parade of military colors

Week 4

Mar 12 – 16

Air Force






Explore videos

Chat live

Tribute to Veterans

Song for Veterans

Pledge of Allegiance

Writing Poetry

Week 5

Mar 19 – 23

Coast Guard





Experience the Coast Guard

Life in the Coast Guard

Field trip: March 22, 10 am

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

Support our troops banners

Collection drive posters

Military artwork

Sponsor unit flyers

Invitations for family and friends

Week 6

Mar 26 – 30


Hero Box

Operation Gratitude

Wounded Warriors

Exhibition: March 28, 2-4pm

HeroBox  Collection Drive

Write a letter to the Commander in chief

Collection drive script practice


Practice march

ELS help in EMS exhibition


Our Week At A Glance

Week 1: February 19-23, 2018






Philippians 1:6 And I am certain that God, who began a good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Where are you in your hero’s journey? What work has God done in you? What work will God continue that He has not finished yet? Philippians 1:9I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding.What ways can your love grow?Being friendly, playfulHelping those in need Philippians 1:10-11Live pure and blameless lives…filled with the fruit of your salvation – the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ – for this will bring much glory and praise to God. What do you do when you seem to always get in trouble because you forget things that your parents have asked you to do, or make mistakes, or make a mess? Philippians 1:12Everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News.How has your hero’s journey spread the Good News? Philippians 1:18The message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. When things do not go your way, what do you do?

Writer’s workshop

Questions for LT Commander Thomson

Writing journal

Wishlist for troops

Letter writing for troops

Reflection paragraph


When does a hero submit to authority?

Hero talk: video call:

LT Commander Thomson

Basic training: why soldiers joined

Do think the soldiers made good choices for their heroes’ journey?

Purpose and reason:

Why have a military?

Bigger picture of being a soldier: Army values

Which Army value is most important?




Selfless service



Personal courage

Building soldiers up through prayer: an Army chaplain’s story

What is the biggest sacrifice soldiers make? What would be harder for you if you were a soldier?

Leaving your family

Facing the enemy

Launch your career through the Army Reserve

Would you choose to join the Army Reserve to reach your goals for your career or would you find another way to reach your goals?

An Army Public Affairs Officer: serving her community and her country

Is it more important to serve your community or the country?

Project time

US Army


Military banners

Collection drive care kits

Sponsor a hero

US Army Poster

Care kits lists

Cards for soldiers

Army soldiers

Binocular camouflage painting

Toy soldier parachutes

Box carton Army vehicles




Cutting shapes for Army soldier


Army song:

The Army goes rolling along


US Army flag




Growth mindset

Did you avoid challenges? Or accept the challenge?

Did you give up on something that was challenging? Or did you persevere?

Did your effort help you improve? Or was your effort useless?

Did you ignore negative feedback? Or did you learn from it?

Did you learn from your friends’ success? Or did that make you sad?

Upcoming Event

Thursday, March 1

10:30 am

Field trip to The Silverside Museum



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