Out of the Mouth of Babes

What a blessing it was to worship with our heroes during their exhibition! It was truly amazing to hear from the Lord through our early learners in their worship and messages. As our heroes prepared for their church service, they were filled with so much joy and excitement, so much so that they would even work on it outside of project time, such as during play-based learning time and indoor recess. As a result, they were able to coordinate and organize a church service based on world-class examples from their own churches. They voted and decided on the name of their church. One hero even took the initiative on her own, without any instructions or suggestions, and made a big banner for Journey Church at home, and brought it to school ready for her friends to color and paint. In addition, while researching their own churches, they decided to make their own website for Journey Church to help others learn about their church and ministries. They chose the template, added text and images, and changed the backgrounds for the website. They were so full of confidence and boldness in their faith, believing in the gifts the Lord has given them, their calling, and their place in serving God’s kingdom, which they enthusiastically expressed through their ministries and mission statements.  

The worship team was so dedicated to worshipping the Lord in song and dance. They worked together in choosing from their favorite worship songs the song they would like to sing during our church service, through lots of voting and negotiating. They also choreographed their own dances to each song, based on some videos or dance steps they created themselves. They found the videos they would like to use and added them to our slides presentation. It was amazing what they were able to accomplish on their own when they were empowered to work together and make their own decisions.

Our pastors and our bishop were committed to delivering their messages from the Lord that they wanted to share during the church service. From the very beginning, they believed they were called to teach and speak for the Lord. Each hero chose the message they would like to share. They created the slides they would like to use to add to the presentation. It was inspiring how the heroes had a specific message, which they believe the Lord has placed in their hearts, through Bible verses, Bible stories, discussions, or personal experiences. Their messages during rehearsals were getting better and better each day as they kept adding more and more (which unfortunately dwindled down to shorter messages at the exhibition in lieu of the presence of a much more intimidating audience, sorry, so I will record more on video next time). Eventually, as the heroes continued on their quest to build the Body of Christ and prepare for the church service, not only the pastors and the bishop had a message to share, even our worship team and our bakers were given a Word from the Lord. Every early learner made the decision on their own, without coercion, suggestion, or external motivation, to stand in front of a crowd and share something the Lord has spoken to them in their hearts.

As the heroes reflected on our quest, many of them felt that while doing all their work, they had so much fun that it did not feel like work at all. But as we have witnessed during the exhibition and all around our studio, our young heroes did do a lot of work. They stayed on task during our project times, engaged in meaningful work that they believed was very important to meet their individual goals. Some heroes diligently searched for the worship songs. Another hero wrote pages and pages of the lyrics to the songs, which she said was for her friends to help them remember the words to the songs. Some heroes read Bible stories to each other in the library. Many heroes used a Bible app to interact with Bible stories. And another group of heroes was busy creating every piece of the armor of God and planning activities for their younger siblings who would take part in the kids’ ministry. What an amazing sight to see the Lord build His Body through a small group of young believers.

Right before the exhibition, the heroes discussed their main purpose for our church service. One hero pointed out that we really need to tell people that Jesus loves them no matter what. All the heroes agreed and also talked about listening to the Holy Spirit to know what to say during the exhibition. Another hero added that all we do, our worship songs, dances, and messages, are all not for ourselves, not even for parents and families, but for God. Someone else reminded her friends that we need to focus on God during the church service instead of ourselves.

Seeing it all come together during the exhibition was a spectacular demonstration of how the Lord works in our studio. Because the heroes were not restricted or limited to complete specific tasks or assignments, they were enabled to discover in their own ways what the Lord really calls them to do, to learn, and to be. But truth be told, the exhibition was barely a glimpse of what our heroes have truly learned during this quest. Even with the advantage of seeing the heroes at work each day and having heard some of their thoughts and ideas throughout the session, assessing, measuring, and evaluating their learning seems to be a daunting task, even impossible, except for the Lord who knows their hearts and minds, constantly at work in growing the seeds that have been planted during this quest.

Thus, the exhibition continues, as the heroes continue to amaze us each and every day, from this day forth, at the end of the Body of Christ quest, and we have yet to witness even more splendor and greatness the Lord has in store in each hero. Simply put, one hero exclaimed, “Ms. Elsie, you are learning a lot from us!  We are not learning anything from you. God is making us learn on our own!”

Our Week At A Glance


Using the Armor of God

A friend shows you a new game in his Chromebook during core skills time.  You agree it is a fun game but you know that you should do your  work. You want to be a good friend. What would a good friend do?

You are visiting your friend. You saw your friend watching videos that are scary. No one will ever know you watched the videos. What would you do?

Above all else guard your heart…

Proverbs 4:23

What are ways we could guard our hearts?  Why does the Bible tell us to guard our hearts?

Ephesians 6: 10-17

Which armor of God would you put on first and why?

Ephesians 6:18

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

When do you pray? What do you pray for?


What do you love most about your church? What is one thing you wish you could change about your church?

What connects people within a church? How can we help others who are not connected?

What is most important to you about the church?

Church is where we study God’s Word, learn to live better lives, where we become a family.

What is our responsibility within the community of the church? Who gave us this responsibility?

Project time

Prepare slides

Church ministries



Practice Church service



How can we improve our exhibition?

Do feel ready for the exhibition? What would you do to better prepare yourself for the exhibition?

What is the most important message we would like to share during our exhibition?

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