During our morning discussions this week, our heroes spent some time discussing habits and how they play a role in our everyday lives. As a studio, everyone picked a habit to focus on this week. The heroes had so much insight!


“I think keeping having a place for everything would really help me because I have a hard time finding stuff sometimes. Even at home, my room is a little messy and it’s hard to find what I’m looking for.”


“I think not getting bogged down by perfectionism would help me the most because sometimes I get stuck and waste time that way.”


“ I think making a To-Do list would help me the most because then I know how to spend my time and I know what routines I need to do.”


Discussions play a major role at Journey Academy as they give our heroes a chance to learn from each other’s ideas and apply their learning to real life. I am often amazed by their comments and how they are growing! A few more of our discussions this week included:


  • Which “Habit of Success” do you think is the MOST important?
    • Get up early
    • Read A LOT
    • Pray/Meditate
    • Exercise
    • Spend time with people who inspire you
    • Pursue goals
    • Get enough sleep
    • Work hard
    • Don’t waste time
  • Which organization habit would help you the MOST?
    • Keep it simple
    • Develop routines
    • Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place
    • Keep a current and detailed To-Do list
    • Don’t get bogged down by perfectionism
    • Toss things daily
  • How do you connect with God during your prayer/journal time?
  • How productive was your project time today (A little productive, Productive, or VERY productive) and why?
  • What was your greatest challenge today and why? What was the highlight of your day and why?
  • What stood out to you about Katie Davis’ journey with God? John Wesley’s? Jim Elliot’s? How does accepting Christ change a person’s journey?


Project time this week has been focused on God’s word. Our heroes learned how The Bible was put together, why the scripture is authoritative, and then learned how the Bible is organized. Our heroes also looked at scientific evidence of God’s creation (rock formations and artifacts that have been dug up by archeologists), and learned that true science aligns with God’s word.

Next week, our heroes will dive into some apologetics. In addition, they will spend some time reflecting on what they have learned about themselves through this quest; their gifts, the ways they like to serve, and how they hear from God.  


A few other highlights this week included:

  • One of our middle school heroes lead a powerful study on prayer-and How to Pray according to God’s will.
  • Jerry Tubergen visited us on Thursday, and shared part of his personal journey.
  • Our heroes enjoyed a Pajama Day on Friday!
  • 2 of our heroes lead a P.E. session on Gymnastics!
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