Highly Motivated Heroes

Our heroes are highly motivated in their learning throughout the day. During our discussions, the heroes show eagerness to take turns in sharing previous knowledge or experiences, relating their ideas based on connections they have made, agreeing or disagreeing with friends, or asking thought-provoking questions. When they begin core skills, our heroes’ motivation gives them direction in setting their goals, focus to stay on task on the work they have chosen, and energy to persevere to meet their goals.

Motivation arises from our learning environment wherein heroes independently learn and behave in ways that promote long-term success and productivity. The freedom to make choices for core skills paves the way for the heroes to strive to succeed in their learning with increased effort and energy. Their work is directly related to their personal learning needs and goals so they pursue each task enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. Because they are intrinsically motivated, the heroes initiate activities they actually want to do and they continue working on it until they have completed the task.

During project time, our heroes engage in purposeful activities that help them develop ideas and skills they believe is important. Many times our heroes become so focused on and absorbed in an activity that they lose track of time and completely ignore other tasks on the schedule. Because they are intrinsically motivated, they tackle tasks willingly and eagerly and process information in effective ways. Intrinsic motivation encourages the heroes to make sense of and apply what they are learning and will increase the chances that they will continue their learning long after they have left their formal education behind.

This week we have been exploring different careers and discovering our gifts from the Lord. The heroes shared what they were passionate about. During one of the discussions, our heroes replied to the question, “When someone discourages you about your gifts and talents, what would you do?” Some said that would make them sad and they would let them know. Another hero said she would ask why they would say that. Someone said they would walk away. And another hero replied with a big smile on his face, “That’s okay. Let me show you what I can do!”

Our Week At A Glance

Week 3: January 15 – 19, 2018






What does God call you to do? How do you know? What do you do when someone discourages you?

Ephesians 4:11

Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

How do we know if we are living our calling? How does God communicate with us about our call?  

What evidence do you have that you are responding to God’s calling on your life? What are you most passionate about doing?

 What gifts and talents have God given you to equip you for what you are doing? How do they allow you to meet the needs of others?


How do we serve outside the church?

Who are our community helpers? Which community helper has the hardest job? Why? Which community helper would you like to be? Why?

What type of career interests you?  What would you do if someone tells you that you are not good at what you do?

If you could have any job, which would it be? What gifts and talents do you have to do this job?

What would you do if you invent a machine that would do the job of workers and cause them to lose their jobs?

Project time

Identify community helpers

Make props or costume/hats

Epic community helpers books

Community helpers games

Explore career choices

Role play

“A day on the job”

Create a job for yourself Research a need and a solution

Create a brochure

What job would you like to do in the future that we do not have in the present?

Imagine a job for the future and present to the group


How can we be like our community helpers?

What did you do today that prepares you for your career?

How did you challenge yourself today?

How can you change the world?


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