Unity in The Body of Christ

How has your journey in life been shaped by Christ? Would it look different if you had never heard The Good News of The Gospel? This week, we explored the lives of heroes in The Faith who chose to stand for Jesus and use their lives to make a difference in this world; Corrie Tenboom, Johnathan Edwards, George Mueller, and Ben Carson to name a few. We then took some time to reflect on how God is working in our own lives. We each mapped out our own journeys of faith, and discussed what some of our personal trials have been. It was so encouraging to hear about each hero’s journey so far, how they have changed, and what they are overcoming!

As we explored our personal journeys in a little more depth, we learned about The Unity that exists among believers. Though we all have unique journeys, together, we form a body (with Christ at the head). We must all encourage one another in The Lord while submitting to Christ (or the body won’t function!). Well, our heroes could relate to this as there are definitely times the studio has felt a bit chaotic, and others where things flow smoothly.

Our heroes recognized that a HUGE part of functioning within the body involves learning how to communicate and work together in love. To improve our communication, our heroes completed a series of team building challenges (involving building a snowman and creating and assembling their own unique  puzzle). Our heroes learned SO MUCH in the process! A few comments from our closes on these days  included,


*“We all had a really fun time, and I think that is part of working as a team”


* “I think if we would have put a plan into place before we built our snowman, things would have flowed much more smoothly.”


*”Everyone worked together to create this (the puzzle)-and it is beautiful.”


Next week, our heroes will spend more time reflecting. We will have prayer hikes, journal time, and will spend time creating a personal mission statement. Our heroes will also spend time breaking apart the meaning of scriptures in the Word, and the meanings of worship lyrics.

As the weeks continue, I will keep you posted on activities and milestones. This week, our heroes selected a personal mentor and signed up for an outreach/volunteer opportunity. They also completed 5 journal entries (altogether). A few of our discussion questions included:


  • Are you more motivated by fear, or by love? Why do you choose to do good things?

  • Do you have a growth mindset when things aren’t going your way?

  • Do you have joy during your trials?

  • Why does there need to be unity within the Body of Christ? What are ways that believers come together in unity

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