The Body of Christ

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At Journey Academy, we have the privilege of celebrating the uniqueness of each hero who walks through the door, and understand that he/she is a world-changer. Over the next 6 weeks, our heroes will be on a new journey as they partake in The Body of Christ Quest. The aim of this quest is to create an environment where our heroes can spend time hearing from The Lord, develop their relationship with Him, discover their unique role in The Body, use their gifts to serve others, and discover how they can apply what they learn to make an impact.

The challenges and questions our heroes are faced with are designed to help them both reflect and activate their faith. This week, the heroes have primarily focused on understanding what the body of Christ is. They have searched scriptures, discussed, and participated in team challenges to help them better understand how to work together while fulfilling a specific role (as in The Body of Christ). Some additional challenges our heroes will tackle throughout the upcoming weeks include:


  • Studying examples of Christians who are using their giftings to impact the world.
  • Researching and selecting an outreach opportunity to volunteer  (Must have outreach selected by January 10th).
  • Meeting with (and interviewing) a mentor who is at least 5 years older, is strong in the faith, and will encourage them to grow spiritually.
  • Keeping a prayer journal.
  • Spending an afternoon of quiet time (praying, going on a nature hike, and reading the Bible).
  • Writing a personal mission statement.
  • Memorizing a passage of scripture.
  • Creating a personal journey book to document experiences and discoveries throughout the quest.
  • Writing a speech about how this quest has impacted them, specific discoveries and experiences, and how they will apply what he/she learned to life.


In addition to completing these challenges, our middle school heroes will lead a Bible Study for the Elementary Heroes, read Eric Metaxas’ book on William Wilberforce and watch “Amazing Grace”, and begin setting up an apprenticeship which they will partake in during Session 5 at Journey Academy.

During The Final Exhibition of this quest, our heroes will share their discoveries with you in the form of a coffee shop conversation. You will have the opportunity to listen to their experiences, look at their journey books, and ask them questions. We are very excited to see what The Lord does in each hero! We pray that each hero not only completes these challenges, but that they are rich and life-giving opportunities to grow!

As we journey through the next 6 weeks, please feel free to share your personal faith stories with your hero. This would be the perfect opportunity to share how God has worked in your life, and how you function within The Body of Christ. We are so thankful that you are with us at Journey Academy, and we are encouraged by your dedication to growth and learning. Have a blessed weekend!


A Few Discussions This Week Included:

  • When do you find yourself in flow? When is it difficult to get in the flow? What do you do when it’s difficult?
  • What is 1 area you want to grow in this session? What habits will help you grow?
  • Which role in The Body of Christ do you most identify with?
  • How can we use the love languages and personality types to work together in the studio?
  • If your family owned a company and wanted to give all of the proceeds (excluding your normal income) to Christian ministries, would you be willing to sign a document giving away your portion of the finances.
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