Mission Accomplished

We hope that our Christmas around the world quest has brought you as much joy as it has filled our early learners studio for the past three weeks. What a unique learning experience we have had unlike other Christmases as we not only travel to all the continents of the world but also have a purpose for our quest: to spread joy to our world. And there is no other joy than to tell others about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus!

This quest gave our young heroes valuable learning experiences that helped answer important questions:

What are my gifts, skills, passions?  

As they learned about many different cultures, because they had the freedom to make choices on their roles in the play, the countries to represent, the songs and dances, and even props and costumes, our heroes had the opportunity to discover their gifts, skills, and passions. They showed courage in trying new things and made decisions for themselves with what they would like to do for the play, what interests them, and even the choice to do something different. One hero encouraged her friends saying, “If you’re not very good at something, that means you are good at something else!” Heroes demonstrated their abilities to lead, collaborate, negotiate, and problem solve in preparations for the program.

Where is my place?

Learning about different Christmas traditions all around the world has enlightened our heroes to a deeper understanding of the world around them, as they discovered similarities and differences in various cultures. Our heroes were able to make connections and discovered where they fit in and where they stand out. Some heroes shared with pride regarding their ethnic heritage and culture. Other heroes were eager to say Merry Christmas in the language their grandparents spoke.

What is my calling?

Through this quest, our heroes demonstrated their readiness to answer the call to preach the Good News to all the world. Their hearts were burning with passion and eagerness to fulfill this mission, especially to those who have never heard about Jesus. They expressed a sense of understanding during our discussions that through our prayers and actions, even in performing in a Christmas play, they are proclaiming the message they were called to give.

Our heroes were beaming with pride and joy as they shared their plans to help refugees through our Christmas play with Christian Hawkins, the representative from Bethany Christian Services. Mr. Hawkins was very impressed with our heroes’ engagement and curiosity when he spoke about the refugees. Most heroes showed empathy for the refugees as Mr. Hawkins described their circumstances. They felt the urgency and need to help the families after all that they have experienced. Many heroes shared their own experiences helping the refugees. They were determined that they were answering the call to help the refugees and fulfill their calling through our Christmas around the world quest.

Throughout our Christmas quest, our heroes rarely spoke of gifts they wished for this Christmas. Instead, with unwavering faith, they knew exactly what gift they would give to Jesus for His birthday: their love and their life. One hero summed it up with the best gift he would give to Jesus, “I give Jesus, ME!”

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