Ups and Downs

There have been ups and downs, triumphs and challenges…But we end our second session with so much joy! I am so proud of our heroes and their growth!!!

Being on a Hero’s Journey isn’t always easy. It means that things won’t always be perfect. It means constantly striving for growth and pushing yourself-even when you feel discouraged. It also means doing the tough things-working out conflict instead of avoiding it, setting high goals, and developing the mindset that you can do anything! In a world that praises perfection, the Hero’s Journey often seems foreign. We want success, but we sometimes forget that success might happen right away, but it might also require overcoming obstacles, facing failure, and putting in lots of hard work.

This session has definitely had some challenges, but this week marked a major milestone in many of our heroes’ journeys. During Core Skills, many of our heroes were extremely challenged with their stretch goals. A few of them were discouraged or unsure whether or not they would be able to meet them (and go to see Wonder). However, our heroes DID NOT allow themselves to give up! Right up to the last minute on Friday afternoon, our heroes worked hard on accomplishing their stretch goals. The ones who were finished even used free time to help heroes who were still working!! It was AMAZING! Their hard work payed off too-Not only did every hero meet their stretch goals, but they learned some LIFE-CHANGING lessons in the process. When asked what lessons were learned this session, these were some responses from our heroes:


  • “I learned that I can do a LOT more that I thought I could.”
  • “I learned how to manage my time better.”
  • “I learned that I need to push myself more.”
  • “I learned  that I really can do all things through Christ.”
  • “I learned how to prioritize better because we had so much going on.”


In addition to meeting their stretch goals, our heroes also worked hard at preparing for Thursday’s exhibition. They helped one another create and label the finishing touches in their work, practiced presenting, and also dissected some sea creatures!!

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Other Highlights This Week Included:

  • One hero prepared and lead a group activity for his Character Badge. He did an amazing job, and the heroes all had helpful feedback for him!
  • Our heroes began telling some Epic stories to each other during lunch time this week (and organized this on their own)! A few of them have a major gift in this area!
  • Going to see “Wonder” was a positive experience for our heroes! 🙂
  • On Friday, our heroes created lists of what they were Thankful for. It was so encouraging to hear what they are grateful for, and how they will foster a heart of gratitude this season!!
  • On Friday, our heroes also had the chance to reflect on their Exhibition experience. This was INVALUABLE! Our heroes have so many great ideas for improving future experiences (managing time better, helping each other, and incorporating more of their knowledge from experiences)!


Discussion Questions This Week Included:

  • Would you rather be remembered as being smart, or being kind?
  • You have 3 days to accomplish a huge challenge. Which is most important in meeting your goal?
    • Asking a friend for help when you get stuck
    • Prioritizing what you need to do to accomplish your goal
    • Doing the hard things you don’t feel like doing
    • Staying focused and not allowing for distractions
  • Which is MOST important to a person’s success? Which do you think played the largest role in  Ezra’s story?
    • Having faith
    • Challenging/pushing yourself
    • Keeping a positive attitude
  • How was preparing for the Marine Science Quest different from preparing for previous Quests? How prepared do you feel (on a scale from 1-5)?


I hope you all have a wonderful and refreshing Thanksgiving week! Blessings!!



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