Success is a Journey … to the Deep

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Our heroes’ journey to the deep truly was a success. Although we do believe that doing is often more important than the outcome, we are so proud of what our heroes were able to accomplish during our marine science quest. From the very beginning of our quest, each hero demonstrated that they have what it takes to succeed. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to do: to care for our oceans. Why? Because God said so. So with determination and dedication, they believed they can do anything. Either as explorers and inventors, they were unstoppable. Even with just a few cardboard scraps and recycled materials, they believed they were changing the world. They remained passionate throughout our quest, whether in building a coral reef or submarine, painting egg cartons and recycled materials, writing ocean books, researching ocean habitats, or dissecting marine animals. They were filled with joy in all they do for they believed in their hearts that all that they were doing and learning would truly make a difference in the world.

As we reflected on our marine science quest, it was a challenge for our heroes to pick the most important lesson they learned about our oceans, for they truly have learned so much that cannot be even be measured or may not have even been revealed as of yet.

What is the most important lesson you learned during our Marine Science Quest?

Aiden learned that the ocean needs our help.

Amelia learned that sharks need oil in their bodies so they won’t sink.

Annabelle learned that the ocean has trash in it.

Clara learned that she didn’t like dissecting.

Cole learned to invent and make things.

David learned that dogfish sharks have little hearts.

Evi learned that dissecting is really fun!

Lulu learned that helping the ocean is really important.

Madison learned that we could help the ocean.

Simon learned that Evi’s submarine had lots of things.


Our marine animals dissection truly was a unique learning experience for our heroes. For some, it took courage to try and learn new things, as well as in making the choice to find other ways to learn. And for others, it was a path to self-discovery, as they found themselves doing something they have never done before and wanting to do more.

Our heroes’ thankful hearts were bursting with gratitude for so many things while making their thank you cards during writer’s workshop. And even without specific instructions on who to address their cards to, our heroes knew who to thank for all their blessings and wrote, “Thank you, God!”

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