Running with Learning

ME: How much are you challenging yourself at Journey Academy? If you were to describe your pace on The Hero’s Journey of earning a badge, would you say that you are walking, jogging, or sprinting towards it?


HERO 1: I would say that I’m jogging, because I’m  moving pretty fast, but I could probably challenge myself more.


HERO 2: Well, I think I’d be crawling because I haven’t really been feeling like doing my work and it’s been harder to move.


On Wednesday morning, our heroes evaluated their progress towards earning badges. While some felt confident that they were trying their best, others felt they’ve been distracted or moving more slowly.

When asked whether or not they needed higher levels of accountability (such as posting points publicly), our heroes did not like the idea. However, through discussion, they were able to come up with ways to encourage each other to strive for more. There were 3 heroes who were working on Khan Academy, and they decided they would work together. 2 more heroes decided they wanted to use project time to catch up on goals they hadn’t been able to reach. Through the rest of the week, was a steady rhythm of  work being accomplished in the studio. A few heroes were even  able to accomplish their “stretch goals”!

Not only have our heroes really been rising to the challenge academically, but also relationally. During lunch time, the younger heroes enjoyed playing the board game, “Quelf” together. They have been able to laugh, be silly, and also learn a lot about one another. This has transferred to project time, and our heroes continue to laugh together while helping each other prepare for our upcoming exhibition.


A Few Other Highlights This Week Included:

  • On Monday, our heroes had a blast learning about Marine Science at The Shedd Aquarium!

  • This week, our heroes read through Galatians Chapter 5 and learned what it means to “Walk by The Spirit.”

  • Today, our heroes combined studios to take part in a giant wave science experiment!


Questions This Week Included:

  • Do you think Sea World should exist?

  • What do you think MOST effects your experience in the studio?

    • Other people and the way you interact

    • How much you challenge yourself

    • The cleanliness of the studio

    • What you eat

  • What qualities make a hero?

  • Would you rather accomplish an easy goal, or almost accomplish (but fail) to achieve a high goal?

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