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During one of our launches this week, our heroes were told the story of a young woman who was facing a difficult dilemma in work. Though this woman (Jeanette) loved her job, a physical disability was preventing her from walking well. Every time she paced down the hallway at her workplace, she was in severe pain. As a result, the woman resorted to e-mailing her fellow employees for group projects and events.

While e-mailing seemed to be doing the trick, the manager of the company was not pleased with this Jeanette’s actions. He believed that personal contact was the best form of communication, and would not listen to her when she tried to explain herself. She tried on several occasions, but nothing seemed to work. So, each and every day, Jeanette went home feeling sad and discouraged.

When I asked our heroes what Jeanette should do, the majority of them agreed that there were other ways Jeanette could problem-solve in her situation. She could pray about her boss, she could talk to her boss’ authority, or she could make phone calls instead of sending e-mails (to name a few).

As I left our discussion, I felt encouraged by our heroes’ ability to think through a problem like the one posed to them. Though this was someone else’s story, we all face situations in life where we need critical thinking and problem-solving skills. At Journey Academy, our heroes are thinking through these situations, learning how to problem-solve, and developing skills they can apply to any challenge in life. We truly have world-changers here!

Other Noteworthy Moments this Week:

  • This week, our heroes studied coral reefs during our Marine Science project time! They had fun creating their own models, and learning how coral reefs are unique from one another.

  • On Thursday, 3 of our heroes pitched a new idea: for the remaining 3 weeks of our quest, they will be offering a “Read Aloud” option to heroes in the studio. Whoever wishes to participate, can listen to them read the book Wonder during the last Core Skills period of the day. If heroes set a “Stretch Goal” (a challenging goal) and complete a book review for this read, they will be able to attend a class trip to see the movie (coming to theatres in November)!


Discussions This Week Included:

  • Words have the power of life and death. Do your words produce life?

  • When you are setting a goal, do you usually prioritize based on the difficulty of the challenge, what sounds the most fun, or based on how much you want to grow in a specific area?

  • Which of the following best helps you when achieving a challenging goal?

    • Getting Clarity- Spending time with God and prioritizing your steps

    • Generating Energy- Thinking with a Growth Mindset & using positivity

    • Increasing productivity- Getting rid of distractions and getting into flow

  • Do you believe it is our responsibility to help protect coral reefs from being harmed?

  • Should humans spend time creating and maintaining marine taxonomy?


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