Learning through Play

In our early learners studio, our heroes are learning exponentially as they engage in self-education through play. They learn to solve problems, persist through challenges, build vocabulary skills, and gain background knowledge in many content areas. Each hero is intrinsically motivated to meet challenging goals in developing language, mathematics, and writing skills without pressure, judgment, or intrusion. They are free to play with ideas, learn from mistakes, and develop passions.

Our heroes are becoming quite the experts in marine science. Learning about coral reefs inspired our heroes to create their very own “underwater city!” As they research various types of corals to add to our reef, they also added “undiscovered” species and name them like real marine biologists. They are eager to take their turn to be our marine scientist of the day and share with their friends about their favorite marine animal, a book about the ocean, and all they know about the marine science.

The heroes discover endless possibilities through process art. They have the freedom to discover art for themselves. They are able to try new things, experiment with the materials, and generate ideas through the experience.

Learning math with our elementary and middle school (EMS) buddies really made learning fun for our young heroes. They were motivated to show their EMS friends what they could do. They also learned from just watching and listening as their EMS buddies naturally and unconsciously scaffolded math concepts and processes to help stretch and build math skills. The EMS heroes also benefitted from their interactions with our early learners heroes as they practiced leadership and nurturance. Our EMS buddies demonstrated kindness and compassion towards their ELS buddies.

All our heroes are challenging themselves and developing executive functioning skills through play. Play provides the freedom to be curious, be creative, and be self-aware. And all for the fun of learning through play, they push their limits to solve problems, cross boundaries, and reach mastery.

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