How would you define freedom?

Great things come from hard work and perseverance, and this week, our the elementary/middle school heroes pushed themselves hard! On Monday, we switched up goal-setting so that each hero set goals for the entire week. This gave some of our heroes a better vision of what they wanted to accomplish long-term, and how their goals each day would help them get there.


In addition to goal-setting for the entire week at once, our heroes also began checking in with their running buddies more often. Overall, they are working to raise the bar of excellence at Journey Academy. Although they work hard, we want to encourage a culture of excellence that is always striving for more-to be better and to do more.


To be your best, it is important to have a strong community to support you, so in addition to pushing ourselves harder this week, our heroes also completed a few team-building exercises. Our heroes evaluated how their different personality types work together, and also completed challenges together during our quest on Marine Science. This week’s focus was on how weather patterns have an effect on ocean life. Not only did our heroes learn about types weather and their impact on the climate and wildlife, but they also became weather forecasters and used their newfound knowledge to chart their own weather patterns.


On Thursday, our heroes also had the pleasure of speaking online with a Marine Scientist in California, Dr. Mike Gil. This was a really cool experience as Mike shared his knowledge of the ocean and told stories of his own Hero’s Journey.

Next week, we will dive even deeper into Marine Science as we explore the coral reefs!


Discussion Questions this Week Included:

  • How would you define freedom?

  • What is 1 area you really want to grow in during Core Skills?

  • Who is someone in your life that you appreciate?

  • If someone were correcting you, would you rather have them point out your mistake, talk about their own, or ask you a question to help guide you?

  • What is the difference between finding an answer to a question and researching?

  • How can you tell if a source is reliable?

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