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The beginning of our second session filled our early learners studio with excitement and anticipation for new learning experiences. To start with, the heroes voted on a new favorite worship song to begin our day, God is on the Move by 7eventh Time Down. Immediately following worship, our heroes were eager to start our discussions by opening up their very own Bibles every morning to the book of Galatians, as we begin a verse by verse study during our morning launch. We have been discussing valuable lessons Paul wrote to the early churches, which also speaks to our early learners as we continue our hero’s journey. During one of our launches, the heroes made their decisions to believe in the gospel, that Jesus died for our sins because He loves us, and to never ever change our minds no matter what others might say. They made personal commitments to strive to please God in all they do. Galatians 1:15 truly spoke to our heroes as we meditated on the truth that even before we were born, God chose us and called us by his marvelous grace. As we read the part where Paul shared his past life destroying the church, one of the heroes pointed out that God chose Paul even though he did all those horrible things. Then another hero concluded that God chose Paul not because Paul was good, but because God is good! What a revelation for all our heroes to hear the truth that applies to us all, that God has called all of us, not because of any good that we do, but because of His goodness. One of the heroes commented that since God chose us before we were even born, we could not have done anything good yet to earn God’s favor. Many of our heroes shared that they believed that they were called by God to help others. Throughout the day, the heroes recognized God’s voice calling them to help friends and opportunities to please God. At the end of the day, during close, they shared the joy in their hearts as they heard God’s calling and obeyed by helping their friends.

A new session also meant a new quest, the marine science quest. Our heroes were full of enthusiasm as they read books about ocean life and shared all they know about sea creatures. And as we talk to our new ocean friends in our studio, who asked the heroes who made all the sea creatures and when God made them, the heroes quickly referred to their Bibles to look for answers. And they took to heart God’s calling in Genesis 1:26, Then God said: “Let us make human beings in our image… So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea.” So they couldn’t wait to get started on their new mission for this quest as marine scientists. They decided what role they would like to play to care for our oceans, either as inventors or explorers


Invention: Trash Picker Upper


Expedition: Ocean Awesomeness











Thus, project time has been a very busy time as the inventors invent many gadgets to help the ocean and explorers explore the ocean and all its wonders. Our main priority in caring for our ocean friends is keeping the ocean clean. So we use many recyclable materials and upcycle, using them to build our inventions and to create fun sea creature art. The heroes have been very conscientious about what they throw out and what they can use to for their projects.

Our marine scientists had fun exploring the different oceans around the world. We painted our world maps using watercolor paint while singing our continents and oceans of the world song.

The heroes put their hypotheses to the test during our experiments investigating ocean currents and surface currents.

Our heroes had a concert playing instruments made from recycled materials included in the musical recycling kit provided by the Kent County Department Of Public Works. Some heroes also made their own instruments using our recyclable materials.


Even the stories that our heroes authored during writer’s workshop were inspired by our marine science quest. Here is one story the heroes made as a group, using a new app we learned during our Art Prize field trip call Wimage. The program starts with choosing keywords for the story and provides images to inspire visual storytelling. The heroes took turns picking words, creating the images, and constructing sentences for our story. This is what they came up with :

Words: shark, ocean, dress, mouse, chick, Wimee (The Wimage mascot we met at Art Prize)

Once there was a shark wearing a dress. Wimee liked the dress. The dress got washed away in a jello ocean with the mouse and Wimee. The chick found the dress and wore it. The shark found the mouse and chased it around. Then, the mouse ate the shark. The End.

(Our hero who gave the word shark was not very happy with this beginning sentence, but later on, he joined the fun in making our silly story.)

Our marine science quest has inspired and motivated our heroes in all aspects of their learning. And the best is yet to come!

Marine Science Quest


Due Date

Mapping the oceans

Ocean current experiment

Surface current experiment

Recycled materials inventions & ocean art

October 13

Waves experiment

Saltwater density experiment

Paper model coral reefs

Favorite marine animal informational writing

October 20

Deep sea glasses

Deep sea papier-mache’

October 27

Sea creatures observations

Marine food web

November 3

Ocean problems and solutions

Adopt a marine animal

November 10

Independent deep dive presentation

Fish dissection

Exhibition planning

Oceans of the World brochure

November 16

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