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Our early learners are taking charge of their education. At the end of our session, they have demonstrated their ability to go on a Hero’s Journey with the courage to take on the challenges they face head-on. As our heroes reflect on what they learned from our quests ~ tribe building, entrepreneur, and Art Prize, they exuded wisdom beyond their years. Our heroes drew wisdom from our past launches, with a growth mindset during core skills time, to cheering for others instead of themselves during the business fair. Even their choice of favorite art from Art Prize, such as the Kaphar by Emily Mayo (burnt wood from house arsons of Flint) and Tragedy, Memory, and Honor by Bruno Surdo (a painting in memory of 9/11), emanated genuine compassion as they all resolve to pray for the people in the paintings. Just within the first six weeks of the school year, our early learners embodied the Journey Academy mission: they have become “independent learners who find great joy in learning, in a tight-knit community that upholds the highest standards of excellence.”

We are so glad to have been able to share with you a peek at how our heroes have accomplished so much during our first session during our core skills exhibition. The heroes were so excited to show off all their hard work and share the joy they experience every time they walk through the doors of Journey Academy. They wanted to show so much more to you. They wanted to have storytime so that they could show you how they take turns reading their favorite book to the whole class and they wanted to read to all the parents too. They also wanted to read the story they created on Storybird they entitled “The Candy World” and then create another story with Mom and Dad. They also wanted to show off their skills exploring Google Earth as we travel around the world during Geography, while singing our continents song with friends. Then, they wanted to show their videos on the Reader’s Chair, where they record their own videos of themselves reading a book that they have mastered. But because we did not have time to show Mom and Dad everything they do at school during Core skills exhibition, I promised I would take as many pictures and videos as I can so that Mom and Dad would know all about their learning experiences at Journey Academy.

A busy day of exploring art pieces from Art Prize could not impede our heroes from letting go of their creative side when they got back to school, as they created their first masterpiece for Art Prize quest.

Our heroes were so inspired after creating their Monet artwork that they constructed stories out of their artwork and shared them with the whole class.

After creating artwork inspired by famous artists, per heroes’ request, they were eager to create their own art inspired by their individual interests and passion.

Our heroes decided we should work outside for action painting like Jackson Pollock, where they had the freedom to create what they called “The Journey Academy Masterpiece.”

Many of our heroes’ favorite business at the business fair was slime. So they were very eager to create their own slime for our multi-sensory art activity.

In truth, after a week of surveying art pieces from Art Prize, beholding great masterpieces by famous artists, and creating our own artwork, the real masterpiece is our Journey Academy heroes themselves. Reflecting on God’s work in each of them during our first session is the epiphany of God’s promise in Ephesians 2:10, for each of our heroes, are “God’s masterpiece… created in Christ Jesus…so that they can do the good things He planned for them long ago.”

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