Art Prize Week

It has been a busy week in the Elementary/Middle Studio! On Monday, our heroes visited Art Prize and took a tour through the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Their docents provided information on the artists and the stories behind them. At the end of the day, the heroes then took a class on “Candy Art” where they created their own sugar masterpieces.

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On Wednesday, our heroes returned to Art Prize to walk around and view more art.  They walked through The DeVos Center and the Amway, and saw a performance from the Air Zoo. They also took a class on cultural art at Kendall College. This was an AMAZING experience!
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After seeing so much art downtown, we thought our heroes might appreciate creating some of their own. In addition to Art Prize then, we took the opportunity to create various kinds of art. We learned about Abstract Art, Pop Art, Cubism, and studied work done by Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, and Andy Warhol.
As the week ended, our heroes reviewed their progress in Core Skills. We also took the opportunity to reflect as a studio. We discussed ways that we could improve the studio, ways that we could encourage one another, and reviewed our values as a Christian Community of learners. As a challenge, our heroes each took on the role of encouraging a “secret friend” before going on break. Each hero was assigned to a friend (in secret) that they would reach out to before the break started (using The 5 Love Languages). It was so cool to see our heroes leaving each other notes of kindness, looking for the treasure within each other, and reaching outside of themselves. They are inspiring!
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Discussion Topics This Week Included:
  • What makes great art? Is it the feeling it leaves you with? The story behind it? The appearance? The time spent making it? The materials used? The originality of the piece?
  • Is freedom making whatever choice you want in a situation, is it believing in the best choice, or is it making choices that lead to an easier life?
  • Do you treat others with kindness out of fear (what will happen if you don’t) or out of love?
  • Who have you noticed making our studio a better place this week?
  • Do you feel encouraged by character call-outs? Attention? Something else? How can we work to encourage one another more?
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