Week 5: The Final Showdown!

As the Children’s Business Fair is drawing near (tomorrow already!), our heroes have been eagerly preparing themselves. On Tuesday, they took a trip to the Downtown Market to get more ideas for their businesses.
At the Downtown Market, our heroes were given a behind the scenes tour of Fields and Fire Bakery, heard 2 Hero Talks (delivered by the owners of Malamiah Juice Bar and Love’s Icecream), and did a little bit of shopping. The lessons they learned were invaluable!
From learning the importance of personal connections,  to understanding the power of using cool displays, bright colors, or unique objects to draw people’s attention, our heroes gained numerous ideas they can apply to their own businesses!

In addition to visiting the Downtown Market, on Thursday, our heroes heard a Hero Talk from Elizabeth Schenk, the owner of Posh Petals boutique in Grand Rapids. Elizabeth told them about her journey as an entrepreneur, how she loves what she does, some of the challenges she faces daily, and some of the financial decisions she makes as a business owner. We were all highly impressed with the questions that our heroes came up with! They were very curious!
We cannot wait to share what our heroes have been working on at The Children’s Business Fair tomorrow! See you then!
Discussion Questions This Week Included:
  • Would you rather work for someone else, or have your own business? Would you still want to work for someone if it meant sacrificing what you love to do? Would you still want to own your own business if it meant working a lot harder? Would it make a difference if you had a family to support?
  • If you were working for someone and they asked you to report false numbers, would you? What if you knew that you would lose your job if you didn’t?
  • What businesses stood out to you most at the Downtown Market? What techniques did they use to draw you in?
  • What do you most need to prepare for the Business Fair?


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