Getting into the Flow

     After a week of building friendships and getting to know each other, our heroes are now entering into the daily routines of Core Skills and project time. They are now using computer programs for math, reading, and foreign languages, setting goals for themselves, and tracking their progress. Monday through Wednesday was intense as even our veteran heroes were learning new programs. However, as a community, they supported one another. When I asked how challenging Core Skills was on Monday, one hero replied, “It was REALLY challenging, but because we did it together, we were able to accomplish our first challenge.” As our heroes are growing together and challenging themselves, we are encouraging them to continue developing those close friendships and seeking help when needed.
     In addition to starting Core Skills this week, our heroes also began their first quest in Entrepreneurship! From jewelry making to mystery boxes, our heroes have begun developing businesses of all sorts (selling gently used goods, wands and bows/arrows, peanut butter balls, candy, stretchy bands, origami, charcoal drawings, items made from deer antlers, Easter Egg poppers, homemade play dough and chore charts, and mini makers). As our heroes continue developing their businesses, they will complete various challenges to help them improve. You may hear them talking about milestones, which are basically deadlines for various challenges they will partake in. This week, their milestones included coming up with a plan for their business, making a phone call to get money for their entry fee (Thanks again for working with us!), and filling out the application for the Children’s Business Fair. Other milestones will include:
  • Preparing a 15 second commercial (September 7th)
  • Preparing a list of at least 6 people that they will invite to the business fair (September 11th)
  • Pitching their businesses to studio mates (September 20th)
  • Learning 15 business terms (if you are in elementary school) or 20 (if you are in middle school)

     Next week, the focus of our quest as entrepreneurs will be on marketing. Our heroes will improve the logos and slogans they have been coming up with, decide how much to sell their products for, and take a trip to the Farmer’s Market. It has been so much fun journeying with our young entrepreneurs so far. They are full of so much creativity!
Some other discussions this week included:
  • What are SMART goals and how do you set them?
  • How can you resolve conflict peacefully when it occurs? Is conflict a bad thing?
  • What does the Bible say about authority?
  • What makes a strong culture? What makes a weak culture?
  • What is something you have done that is in your challenge zone? Comfort zone? Panic zone? Were you in your challenge, comfort, or panic zone during core skills today?
I hope you have a blessed weekend! We will see you again Tuesday! ?
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