We Are World-Changers

Today started as usual: our heroes entered the studio, made paper airplanes (a typical beloved activity), and chatted about their birthdays….and then our morning discussion began. This morning, the discussion topic was “Is anything truly impossible”? Right away, we took a vote. 2 heroes said “Yes” (that there are some things that are absolutely impossible) while 5 heroes said “No”(that nothing is truly impossible). When I asked why our heroes thought what they did, this is how they responded:
Hero 1: There are some things that you just can’t humanly do. For example, you cannot turn yourself into God…
Hero 2: Well, the bible says that with God, nothing is impossible.
Hero 1: Well, actually, I changed my mind. I agree (with Hero 1).
As our discussion continued, each of our heroes chimed in and agreed that without God, there is nothing that can’t be done. When I asked our heroes why some people don’t reach for the “impossible”, our heroes identified to possibilities: (1)They don’t believe they can, or (2)They aren’t willing to work with God (and to work hard).
This week, our heroes have been encouraged to think about what it means to “Do everything as if doing it unto the Lord” (Colossians 3:23), and to become true world-changers who set high goals, knowing that with God, anything is possible.
A few other Highlights this week included:
  • Creating an example of a “World-class” poster as a model for possible exhibition presentations.
  • Practicing speeches for the exhibition.
  • Putting the finishing touches on our “Journey Academy Report” (our student-created newspaper).
  • Reviewing session goals and which ones have already been met.
  • Reviewing yearly goals, and which badges are in progress yet.
  • Golfing (during P.E. on Thursday).

Additional discussion topics this week included:

  • How much time is in a year? A week? A day? A minute? A second? What is something that you want to accomplish today with your time?
  • Which of the following habits is the MOST important to growing your curiosity? (Taking the time to be curious, asking lots of questions, seeking surprise, being willing to be wrong, being fully present, or not allowing past experiences to hurt them)?
  • Who is more curious: You or your parents? Why do you think this?
  • Colossians 3:23 says to do everything as if you are doing it unto the Lord. How does that change the way that we, as believers, complete challenges?
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