What are you curious about? What are your passions?

Hero 1: I think curiosity is the most important part of learning something new because without it, you wouldn’t want to keep going.
Hero 2: Well, if you were too curious, you could get into trouble. Have you ever heard that “Curiosity killed the cat?” I think that brain power is most important because then you will know when you have been curious enough.
This was our first week of The Curiosity Quest, and our heroes have already had some great discussions! It has been amazing to learn a little more about each of their passions/interests and encourage them to pursue them. Our overarching question throughout this quest is: What are you passionate about, and how can you use it to serve the Lord and others?
During this quest, our heroes will choose a topic they are passionate about to become an “expert” on. They will then create an Action Plan for how they plan to become an expert, and how they will showcase their learning at our final Exhibition. From frogs to fashion, and everything in between (architecture, voice recording, you tubing, castles, fishing, and medicine), our heroes have each picked something unique.
As our heroes learn to be passionate, and use the gifts that God has given them, we recognize that not every child has the same opportunity to develop their gifts and passions. Today, we had the opportunity to participate in “The Compassion Experience” where we learned about 2 different children, and how Compassion International sponsorship helped them receive the care and support they needed to discover God’s plans for their lives. Afterwards, we had a great discussion on their learning, and were able to recognize how God leads us on our Hero’s Journeys. God has an incredible plan for each one of us, and I am so excited to see our heroes experiencing him more at Journey Academy!

Questions This Week Included:

  • Imagine that you lived in a world without curiosity. Would you most miss the technology we enjoy today, or the creativity of people?
  • What is the most inspiring part of Cain’s Arcade? His resourcefulness, or his creativity?
  • What is the most important part of learning something new? Having brain power, paying attention to detail, being curious about it, or sticking to it?
  • What did “The Compassion Experience” make you think of? Has it changed the way that you see The Hero’s Journey? If so, how?
  • What is self-control, and would you be friends with someone who didn’t use it?
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