Session 6 Reflections

This Session has been an incredible learning opportunity. I am proud of our heroes and the lessons they have learned through this part of the journey. This session has been more challenging than some of our previous adventures: learning to work together as a larger tribe, learning healthy competition, tackling a heavier subject area (Rocket Physics) during the quests, and setting lofty session goals all at the same time. However, listening to our heroes’ reflections today reminded me that some of life’s most valuable lessons are learned through trials. Our heroes have gained so much wisdom from this session’s experiences! Your kids are AMAZING! (and I’m not just saying that).
As we move into the next session, I will be praying for each of our heroes to grow in understanding of the unique ways God has shaped them. This is going to be a time where our heroes will get to explore and discover an area of unique interest (Through our upcoming Curiosity Quest). I would encourage our heroes to have an idea of something they would like to study next session (It can be anything from frogs to fashion!). Enjoy your holiday, and I will see you back Wednesday!

Discussions this week included:

*How has the preparation for this Exhibition felt compared to past Exhibitions? How prepared do you feel?
*What was 1 lesson you learned from this session’s Exhibition?
*At Journey Academy, you receive a lot of freedom. What are some ways that the freedom can be used for good? What are some ways it can be taken too far?
*When have you felt the most pride in your hard work during this session?
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