Week 26 (2017) – Rocket Science Quest

Ready, Set…BLAST OFF!
This week, we blasted into our newest quest: “The Rocket Science Quest”. To begin, our heroes studied scriptures on creation and were posed with the question: How big is God? Our heroes then had the opportunity to turn the studio into the Milky Way galaxy!
Over the next 6 1/2 weeks, our heroes will be learning physics principles that govern the universe. With a team of their own rocket engineers, they will then build 4 different types of rockets which can be entered into the Rocket Olympics at our exhibition.  The events that take place will include a competition for the rocket that has the longest time in the air, launches the farthest distance, and the one that has the best accuracy (shooting a target).
In addition to beginning this quest, our heroes were eager to welcome two new Heroes to the studio this week! They have been a wonderful addition to our team, and everyone is so pleased they can be a part of our community!
Some highlights this week also included:
  • Our heroes began writing biographies which they will add to our studio library.
  • We began studying geography as a part of civilization this week! This was a fun endeavor!
  • The heroes truly enjoyed our Field Trip to the Roger B. Chaffee planetarium this week!
Interesting discussion topics this week included:
  • What qualities make a hero? What is the difference between a person that is a hero, and someone who is not?
  • What is an experience that you’ve had this week in your challenge zone? Your comfort zone? Is it more fun to be in your challenge zone or your comfort zone? Why?
  • Which of the experiments did you complete this week that best showed Newton’s first law of motion (An object at rest stays at rest)?
  • Would you rather read about a person’s failures or their successes? Why? Which part of the hero’s journey are you most interested in learning about for the person you are writing a biography about?

Have a wonderful weekend! ?☺

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