Week 25 (2017) – Heroes of the Faith Quest Wrap-up

Today was a day of reflection and celebration at Journey Academy!
Our heroes agreed that yesterday’s Exhibition has been their favorite yet! ? While some of them said they felt rushed to prepare the week leading up to it, others commentated that they had more than enough time to prepare. Those who agreed they had felt rushed recognized that they can use their time more wisely next session by staying focused during project time, turning things in by the milestone dates for the quest, and holding each other accountable when things start to get off-task. All of the heroes agreed that they would like to run next session’s Exhibition, as it gave them a greater sense of ownership this session.
 To end the day, our heroes came up with a fun challenge for everyone to try over break. To encourage curiosity, our heroes are going to come up with a question they want to explore (it can be related to an experiment they want to try, finding which April Fool’s tricks will work on various people, etc..). After they explore their curiosity, they will share what they learn at our opening launch after break!
Hope you have a wonderful Spring Break! See you back soon!???

Questions this week included:

1. How do you know what a challenging goal is?
2. How do you decide what to work on first when you are preparing for the Exhibition?
3. Danny set 3 session goals: (1)To complete 70% of his grade level on Khan Academy, (2)To have read a total of 4 books, and (3)To have completed a total of 60 skills on No Red Ink. It is the LAST week before the session ends, and Danny has not met any of his goals. He has only completed 50% of his grade level on Khan Academy, read a total of 3 books, and completed 40 skills on No Red Ink. What should Danny work on first and why?
  • Danny’s personality type is a Golden Retriever and his work style aligns with The East. How can Danny’s studio mates use this information to help him reach his goals?
  • Danny has some negative self-talk. What can he tell himself to encourage a growth mindset?
4. What is the most important to you: Preparing for the Exhibition OR meeting your session goals? If you had to choose between meeting your session goals but letting down your audience at the Exhibition, or letting yourself down to please your audience, what would you choose?
5. How did you feel the Exhibition went? Did you feel more prepared for this Exhibition than the last?
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