Week 23 (2017) – What’s the point of rules?

Chaos. The disorder, confusion, or pandemonium within a situation. During life, we all experience chaos in some way. The good news is, our heroes will be well-prepared to tackle chaos when it comes.

During quest time this week, our heroes were given a board game where EVERYONE played by different rules. Some people got to spin twice on every turn while others could switch with any player they wanted. Still, others could move players back to the START square. While the game is usually a lot of fun, our heroes found it difficult to work together, and the game was nearly impossible to play!
During our follow-up discussion, our heroes discussed the “rules” of the game, and why they experienced chaos. The rules, they decided, were super important because they made the game possible (or impossible) to play. They then made the connection to our studio contract. Without the “guardrails” in our studio, it is difficult to complete activities.
Since we had been studying the life of Moses, our heroes had already memorized the 10 commandments prior to the “broken rules” game. A few of them added that without the 10 commandments, our lives might look really chaotic. One hero mentioned, “following rules helps you to be a good Christian,” while another said, “I disagree. Following the rules helps you to have a good life, but loving Jesus and inviting him into your heart is what it means to be a Christian.”
Through experiencing chaos, learning to follow rules, and communicating, our heroes are not only growing in communication, but also in their ability to see the WHY behind the guardrails in both our studio, and in their journey through life. This brings me so much joy!
Other Discussion Topics this Week Included:
  • What are some behaviors in our studio that make it a “sacred” learning environment? What are some behaviors/habits that make it less “sacred”?
  • Would you rather have no rules, or very specific rules?
  • Can you name The 10 commandments? What does it mean to not “covet”? What does it mean to not “bear false witness”?
  • Which do you think is the MOST important commandment?
  • Would you rather get your understanding from the Bible, or from your pastor?
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