Week 22 (2017) – The Hero’s Journey

What is the Hero’s Journey?? It is the WHY behind everything we do at Journey Academy. It is the reason for every task of everyday-the heart behind every process. You see, we are all on a journey. Whether you are being called to raise a family, start a career, learn to add & subtract, or climb a mountain… there is something that God is doing in your life to shape you into the person he’s created you to be.

This week, our heroes revisited the Hero’s Journey (Call to action, meeting with a mentor, friends/allies, the road of trials, the final showdown, the return home, and the change). Though we have seen the Hero’s Journey before, and recognize it as the common theme in almost every story ever told, sometimes our own Hero’s Journey is forgotten in the process of discovery.

I have been convicted of this in my own Hero’s Journey. In the midst of facing the everyday trials, I forget WHY I am traveling sometimes. I need to slow down and recognize the WHY. WHY I am doing what I am doing. At Journey Academy, it is the understanding that everything I do is ultimately to help our heroes discover God’s calling in their own lives.

We’ve encouraged our parents to talk to their heroes about their Hero’s Journey this week and perhaps share their own. What is it that God is doing in your life? What are some of the trials you are facing? What are some failures you’ve had before? And WHY do you keep going despite resistance? Would you feel the same satisfaction if you gave up on your journey?

The Hero’s Journey is a beautiful struggle. There are ups and downs, emotions, success, and failures..but ultimately, it changes us. I encourage you to watch this clip on the Hero’s Journey if you haven’t already.

I am SO excited to see our heroes digging into the stories of some Bible heroes during this quest (discovering their ups and downs on the road to change), and I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of connections they make to their own journeys.

Apart from reflecting on our Hero’s Journeys this week, our heroes spent a significant amount of time refining the tools they have developed to self-manage their studio. They revisited the purpose behind some of these tools, revised them, and have taken their roles in the studio to an even higher level. I was highly impressed with the levels of ownership that our heroes embraced on their journeys this week!

Discussion topics this week included:

  • What is the Hero’s Journey (Call to action, meeting with a mentor, friends/allies, the road of trials, the final showdown, the return home, and the change)?
  • Do you experience joy during your trials? Is joy chosen or discovered?
  • What tools do you use to manage the studio? Which ones are helpful? Which ones aren’t helpful?
  • What makes a great leader: someone who is kind, someone who listens well, or someone who empowers?
  • Was it wrong for Daniel to disobey King Nebuchadnezzar? Why or why not? What are some appropriate ways to resist authority? Inappropriate ways?
  • What skills/experience do you have that can help others on their journeys?

Quotes of the Week:

  • “Let’s try the hardest one there is (while working on No Red Ink).”
  • “If you don’t have joy during your trials, you need to remember what your spark is.”


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