Week 21 (2017) – Diving into God’s Word

Learning about the heart of worship, reading God’s word, and re-enacting scenes from the Bible have all been highlights of our Journey this week. On Tuesday, we began learning about the life of King David. Each day, our heroes would listen to a portion of 1 Samuel or 2 Samuel, and act out a character to retell that particular story. This got super silly at times, but our heroes did a wonderful job working as a team (designating roles and using conflict resolution when needed).
As we learned about Kind David, we talked a lot about worship, and how a person can put God first in life. We sang songs and learned the heart behind the words. We also talked about other ways to put God’s Kingdom first in our lives (through serving others, spending time reading the word and praying, and using the gifts and talents that God has given to each of us).
Today, our heroes each picked a Bible character they will study and create a Hero’s Journey map for. They are all very excited to use their artistic skills in this quest!

A few discussion questions this week included:

  • How many women can you name in the Bible?
  • If you could experience life without ever feeling sadness or pain, would you?
  • What is social justice? What are some examples of people in your community who work to make life better for others?
  • What does it mean to have a lifestyle of worship?
  • Does God care about our wants, or does he only answer prayers based on our needs?
  • What part of David’s life stood out to you? What was the most valuable lesson you learned from his journey?
  • What does it mean to have, “the breath of God”? What does it mean in the song, Come Alive when the lyrics say,”We call out to dry bones/come alive, come alive”?
  • What most helps you remember scripture? Do you prefer to write it out, sing it, or draw it?
  • Is it better to understand someone else, or for them to understand you?
  • Would you rather have everything you want by taking care of your needs first, or make occasional sacrifices and have closer friends?
Quotes of the week:
” I can see how reading the Bible makes you notice the power of God.”
“This is against my principles, but I am beginning to love math.”
“I wouldn’t want to never experience sadness because if you never felt sad, you would never learn.”
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