Week (19) 2017 – Detective Exhibition

Today was a day of reflection, discussion, and celebration as we brought Session 4 to a close. At the beginning of the day, we reflected on the latest Exhibition, and discussed both the triumphs and the failures that it brought.
Our heroes were proud of their performance of the trial and the presentation of their trifolds. Overall, they felt much more comfortable presenting than at the first quest.
At times, I feel that I am learning even more than our heroes. While we had deadlines set throughout the quest, many of the heroes were making last-minute changes up until the morning of the quest. I encouraged heroes to make revisions (as I believe it encourages their best work), but I now realize that these changes need to be made within the milestones set out for them (and no later). Our heroes agreed that this would encourage them to feel more prepared on the day of the quest.
After spending some time in discussion, our heroes celebrated their hero’s journey by doing some fun reading, participating in science experiments, and playing 2 new games. We then made some friendly letters (Valentine themed), and watched “National Treasure” to celebrate the completion of The Detective Quest.
Over the course of this quest, four Heroes completed all of their Character Trait badges! A few of our Heroes had the opportunity to do a presentation on something that they are passionate about! Over the past week, we learned:
1. How to make pickled cucumbers as a healthy snack! Designating roles encouraged everyone to work together,
2. An experimental science activity which taught us how to make a catapult.
3. A new game called “Jungle Speed”.
4. A fishing board game.

Great Discussion Topics this Week:

1. Would you consider yourself intrinsically motivated (from the inside) or extrinsically motivated (by rewards)?
2. Which of the following MOST motivates you?
  • Showcasing your work at an Exhibition
  • Knowing you did your personal best
  • Earning a Badge
  • Earning Hero Bucks that you can buy rewards with
3. What does a world class business meeting look like?
4. What kind of culture do you wish to create at Journey Academy? A challenging culture? A friendly culture? How can we work together to create that culture?
5. What what the best part of this session? What was the most challenging part?
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